Open yoga day and lecture "What is the source of yoga?" Kriya Yoga Master Ingvar Villido

30. August, 11.00 to 16.00

In August, you are welcome to a yoga day where you can take part in the lessons of two experienced kriya hatha yoga teachers in Lilleoru.

Anne-Ly Naukas and Annika Allikmäe will introduce you to the different possibilities of kriya hatha yoga, and if you are interested, you can continue attending these classes in Lilleoru throughout the autumn.

The pearl of the day is a lecture by Kriya Yoga master Ingvar Villido, "What is the source of yoga?"

The detailed schedule of the master class is as follows:

❧ 11.00–11.15 - Gathering

❧ 11.15–12.00 - Anne-Ly Naukas sample lesson

Content of the sample lesson: In Anne-Ly's lesson, you will get an overview of how to get deeper and deeper into the various levels of kriya hatha yoga exercises. We explore our physical body through hatha yoga exercises. If you have a little exploratory mind and desire to deepen, you will soon experience the excitement that will carry you along this path. As you continue to practice, the secrets that have been hidden so far will be revealed to you on the levels of your own five bodies. There is no need to look from the outside, imagine something or imitate someone - as you prolong your attention, you begin to become aware of more and more subtle phenomena. Let's start the investigation today!

❧ 12.15–13.00 - Sample lesson by Annika Allikmäe

Sample lesson content: In Annika class you will learn how to relieve the body from general stress and increase its strength and energy levels, as well as how to use kriya hatha yoga to bring the physical body to top shape. A person's appearance improves from the inside out. As a stress-free person, he becomes more elegant and subtle at all levels. Strength and confidence come. After removing the waste products, the skin and eyes start to shine, and the body weight often decreases. Consistent practice makes all aspects of the personality more harmonious; clarity and the ability to concentrate improve to such an extent that one becomes more and more consciously in control of one's own life. Gradually, people learn to know and master the subtler ones - the emotional and mental processes of their inner world. It all takes time and care, but it pays off.

❧ 13.00–14.00 - Lunch

❧ 14.00–16.00 - Ingvar Villido's lecture on "What is the source of yoga?"

Ingvar Villido's lecture will cover:

  • what are the ancient sources of yoga? (Vedas, sutras, etc.)
  • what is released from the practice of yoga?
  • what is the real yoga journey, destination and how to get there?
  • can there be a universal formula for happiness in a real yoga journey?

It is possible to participate both in Lilleoru on site and ONLINE! The online event is broadcasted in two languages - Estonian and English.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, only 30 fastest registrants have possibility to participate in Lilleoru!

Price for the whole day by participating in Lilleoru on site: 60 €

The price includes delicious vegetarian lunch in Lilleoru.

Price for the whole day by participating ONLINE: 50 €


Date and place
Venue: Lilleoru, Teadlikkuse Rakendamise Kool, Taevasmaa tee 2, Aruvalla küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa


Info for online participants. The event is translated into English. We will send you an online participation link with a ticket via e-mail. The master class can be watched LIVE and followed-up 48 hours after the event. We will send you a follow-up link in a separate e-mail after the event. You can attend on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You have to install ZOOM Meeting app to your device before the master class. You can find detailed instructions  here. Please make sure that your internet connection is stable enough to attend the event. 

Kristi Reinap
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