The Art of Conscious Change III November 27th, follow-up day on December 7th, 2021. Online Course!

27. November, 10.00 to 17.00

What would life be like if your mind was no longer a problem?

In this course, you will learn techniques to help you release distracting thought patterns and beliefs (concepts), instead of letting them dominate and run your life.

We tend to ignore disturbing thoughts or attend a workshop that teaches us to replace them with more positive ones. Unfortunately, this approach does not eliminate old habits, so they inevitably return. These deep-rooted, subconscious, automatic reactions shape our relationships and attitudes, our judgments, conditions, motives, behaviors, and so on. The result? More suffering.

I can tell you from personal experience that these substitutes (pushing these thoughts away, trying to think positive etc.) are ineffective. The real solution is to learn to rid yourself of these problematic thoughts at the moment they occur. On your own. After completing the course, you will be able to release the reactions in your mind (“mental body”) so that they cease to exist. Immediate release is a completely new and the fastest way to improve.

Prior to Part III, it is necessary to pass Parts I-II.

In Part III you will learn:

  • to become aware of your thoughts and their content;
  • to discover that thoughts are conceptual and create your reality;
  • to realise the content of concepts which do not correspond to reality;
  • to liberate yourself from concepts;
  • to discover your ‘false Me’, or the ego;
  • to create concepts which correspond to reality, thereby creating your own reality which corresponds to the actual reality around you.

Part III has one main day and a follow-up day. In order to help the participants in their endeavor of putting the newly learnt skills into practice, the participants also have the chance to take part in a follow-up day. During this extra course day, one can ask specifying questions, get useful feedback and further guidance. Sometimes the instructor gives new knowledge or skills if he sees that it could help the participants. The follow-up day of the course that takes place outside of Estonia, takes place in agreement with participants. 

Take a look here at the entire calendar of courses I-V. Take a look here at the introduction to the whole course series.

Read more about the instructor Ingvar Villido

Feedback from participants:

I was surprised how simply Ingvar Villido was able to explain how our thinking functions and how it literally creates the world we live in.
Kaie Kotov, 35, semiotician, consultant / Estonia

In the courses, suddenly all fell into place, the fragments were assembled into a whole like in a Lego, and I was able to see the internal logic. I had been longing for it. And then, why not choose a road of insights, seasoned with the guide Ingvar Villido’s enjoyable humor?
Tamur Tohver, 44, theatre director, trainer & entrepreneur / Estonia

The Art of Conscious Change courses gave me the answer to why things are like they are in my life.  I gained the ability to be responsible for my life. The courses brought me out of the world of shadows into the world of colors. I learned to stay concentrated and focused in the present moment with no interference from emotions or concepts.  This brings me clarity and peace. It's like finally coming home.
Biljana Gjuroska, Medical Doctor and Certified Homeopath / Macedonia

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The course will take place in Estonian language. We offer simultaneous translation into English, German, Finnish and Russian languages. If you need translation, please send us an email notice in advance: