7 Qualities of a Conscious Person

The following descriptions are shared by The Art of Conscious Change practitioners, based on their personal experiences. These potential qualities can be achieved through consistent application of the courses techniques.

1. A conscious person exists in the moment.

He is in a continuous reality, in the oft-mentioned state of "being in the here and now".

He has liberated his wisdom. He has achieved the continuation of the moment, by using his awareness more and more.
Remaining in this state, he is...

2. ... effective, in a constant flow of insights.

A conscious person understands, moment to moment, what's happening inside of him - in his thoughts, feelings and in his physical body. He knows how to direct and change these processes, using his awareness, which he has learned to master.

A conscious person has continuous insights about what's happening around him.
He solves the different situations that occur in life without much effort. His slogan is "the best result with the least effort".
He is inventive, because...

3. ... he uses intuition and inspiration.

The top inventors, artists and scientists all use these capacities while bringing new creations into the world.
A conscious person creates the conditions for intuition and inspiration to continuously manifest in his life.
These capacities are everyday tools for him, not some special characteristics of exceptional people.
This kind of abundance makes the conscious person generous, he is ready to share everything with everybody, because...

4. ... he knows who he is.

He doesn't suffer from identity crisis. He never lacks anything, nor has too much of anything.
For a conscious person, good and bad do not exist - he doesn't judge anything.
There are only endless phenomena - things, none of which is his Self.

A conscious person experiences his true Self whenever he wishes, and this keeps him OPEN.
He perceives more, senses more, and is not self-centered.
He relates to his surroundings humanely, with good will. He doesn't injure life, he cares for it.
From this way of being, unconditioned goodness comes into every moment of his life, therefore he is...

5. ... consistently happy, no matter what fate brings to his doorstep.

The weather is what it is, people are what the are, things are how they are.
A conscious person knows what can and cannot be changed. If necessary, he can change everything that can be changed. A conscious person knows that when he changes something, it actually does change.

He is tolerant towards the unchangeable. Peaceful, non-reactive, a conscious person is...

6. ... successful.

His activities flow smoothly. He is a master of his own life - successful in relationships, in business and in ensuring his health and wellbeing.
He directs his life, using the magic tool of awareness. Thus, his true Will comes to be through the Power of his Intention.
His life is balanced. He...

7. ... finds endless joy and power in the use of the world.

A conscious person has found life in life. He knows how to arrange experiences of the pleasant facets of life for himself and for others, in collaboration with God.
The nature of his experience is life itself. He rejoices in the silence that is behind all the change.
For a conscious person, this kind of life is real life, and this kind of self his true self.