The Art of Conscious Change – follow-up days of the courses

In order to help the participants in their endeavor of putting the newly learnt skills into practice, the participants also have the chance to take part in the follow-up days (with separate registration). During those extra course days, one can ask specifying questions, get useful feedback and further guidance. Sometimes the instructor gives new knowledge or skills if he sees that it could help the participants. One can also hear the experiences of other participants. Taking part in follow-up days gives solid possibility to progress on the path of conscious change successfully, acquiring new insights and meeting the teacher again. The follow-up days are led by The Art of Conscious Change teacher Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda.

Participation conditions:

  • Each The Art of Conscious Change course has a follow-up day, where everyone who has passed the respective course is welcome to participate.
  • Please note that starting from 2016, the follow-up days are arranged in a slightly different way, so that separate registration with extra participation fee is required.

The 4-hour follow-up days refresh the knowledge and skills learnt in the courses and form an important part of the continued studies of The Art of Conscious Change. of The Art of Conscious Change. The follow-up days can be found in the calendar of the courses.