The Art of Conscious Change courses have been launched in Russia as well

* Here you can watch a video clip of the courses in Russia! Please like and share it with your friends!

* From March 2017, the Art of Conscious Change courses and open lectures will start in St Petersburg, Moscow and Bashkiria. Here you can register for the courses in Russia.

Watch an interview with Ingvar Villido, teacher of the Art of Conscious Change, in the YouTube channel in Russian language. You can also find there video clips with people who have passed the courses, including actress and TV host Alla Dovlatova, singer Elena Perova, and Olympic Bronze and multiple times European and World Champion in fencing Nikolay Kovalev:

"Sport, high achievements – it is a very demanding environment. With several cycles of Olympic Games behind me, I totally understand why many top athletes experience burnout. They literally ’burn out’ because of negative emotions and then don't come to the championships in their best form. In the Art of Conscious Change courses, I became more aware. I recommend it to everyone who is not afraid to experiment and who wants to move forward in their life, instead of getting stuck. Every one of us has problems. The courses give positive results for all participants. There are moments in life that you cannot change – you just have to make your peace with them. What can you do about it? Release the negative emotions. That’s it."

Contact information:   

Homepage of the Russian courses.
Social media group on Russian VK page.
Hashtag: #human20
Facebook page.
YouTube channel.

Representative of the Art of Conscious Change training programme in Russia: Katrin Dyuar.
Registration and calendar: Nelja Valijeva, e-mail:, Tel. +8 812 66 55120.