Agreement for Creating the AVATUD Center, October 14, 2012


As of today, 75 people have signed this.

This agreement is made by ourselves, based on our current knowledge and sense, in the best way we know.

The purpose of this agreement is to initiate the creation of LILLEORU'S VISITOR CENTER.

We have been entrusted to bring this idea into reality by the LILLEORU COMMUNITY.

We wish to start realizing this idea now.

We thank the universe and all the people who have created this idea, brought it to us and given it power.

We hope that all benevolent powers within us and around us will lend their support to this idea and help it come about.

We understand that the realization of our desire will take time, and that it will manifest when the conditions are sufficient for it to do so.

We will do everything that is up to us, in order for this building to be created in the best possible way that is agreed upon by all who participate in its creation.

We are ready to give a portion of our lifetime for the creation of this building, and we do this with a peaceful mind and clear heart.

We promise to come together in peace, in order to create unanimous agreements amongst ourselves with regard to the creation of this building.

We are grateful to our predecessors who have given us the space for the creation of this building, and we promise to pass it on to future generations.

We promise to disturb the existing creations as little as possible during the construction of this building as well as during its subsequent use.

We are grateful to all who assist us in any way with their wisdom and power in the creation of this building, and we promise to help them as well when they need our help.

We affirm all of this with our conscience.

In Lilleoru on October 14, 2012