THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CHANGE I-II: Me, My Inner World and the Five Bodies. Releasing Emotions that Disturb My Life, Dec 20-21, Macedonia, Skopje. Free intro lecture on Thu, Dec 18

20. December, 10.00 to 21. December, 17.00

Imagine there is a miraculous medicine that cures all our ills - the ones we know, as well as the ones we're not yet even aware of. Even more - imagine that this medicine has many side-effects, all of them positive: better concentration, increased insightfulness and wisdom, better contact with the world around you. This medicine is totally natural, and after acquiring the recipe, you can produce it yourself, for free, in unlimited amounts. Would you like to have this medicine? This medicine exists. It is called an ability to be conscious. Everybody has access to it. But, how do you learn to use it consciously and steadily?

In Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda's The Art of Conscious Change I-V series first two courses you will learn to use awareness to see clearly what is going on in your life and to apply awareness to permanently release emotions that disturb your life:

The Art of Conscious Change I: Me, My Inner World and the Five Body System 

In this course you will learn to orientate in your inner world via practical experience.

You will get to know the five holistically integrated levels that comprise your inner world:

1. physical body– biological organism and its basic needs; the senses;
2. vital (astral) body – emotions as forces of nature;
3. mental (causal) body – memory, thoughts, remembrances, imagination;
4. intellect – awareness, insightfulness, intuition, inspiration, discernment;
5. spiritual body – Being as your true identity, highest Self;

In the first course:

  • you will learn to practically differentiate these levels and to understand the processes that take place in each level;
  • you will receive a practical experience of awareness and learn a technique that will enable you to became aware in everyday life;
  • you will experience your real Self in a practical tangible way.

With this knowledge you can begin to take the direction of your life back into your own hands, instead of being led by automatic processes.

The Art of Conscious Change II: Releasing Emotions that Disturb My Life

In this course you will learn practical techniques that help you release disturbing emotions experienced in the past and currently active emotions.

Through practical experience you will learn:

  • to notice emotions and to understand their effect on your everyday life, including your health;
  • to release the emotions that make your life more difficult;
  • to notice and release the "background emotions" that you may not even experience  as emotions, because they color the backdrop of your existence (such as chronic fatigue, sadness, depression).
  • to change fear into an ally with ease.

You will not become dull after you release the disturbing emotions. Instead, an unconditioned joy enters your life. This joy is not an emotion, but a life-affirming natural state. As you become liberated from the yoke of emotions, your ability to be clear and aware grows. You will find that you have more time and energy; your work progresses with greater ease, your health recovers and your relationships become more enjoyable.

Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda has taught people how to become aware, how to orientate in their inner world and how to make conscious changes in themselves since 1992. He is a practitioner and initiated teacher of Babaji's Kriya Yoga representing an ancient authentic yogic lineage.

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