THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CHANGE V: Success Formula of a Renewed Human Being: Information, Analysis and Action. In Tallinn, Estonia

In Part V you will learn:

  • to orientate in the information that you already have and to analyse it;
  • to identify situations where your information is incomplete;
  • to look for missing information and integrate it into processes;
  • to quickly optimise on the go, and to reorientate with ease;
  • to be aware of all your actions, and to start, carry out, change, influence and finish them with awareness;
  • to optimise all your activities, making room, if needed, for other activities that are important for you.

Prior to the Part V it is necessary to pass Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

TO REGISTER TO THE PART V IN TALLINN, ESTONIA ON DEC 5 (SAT) AT 10-17 AND JAN 9 (SAT) AT 10-14 AT NORDIC HOTEL FORUM, please email the organizer (details below). When registering please let us know if you would like to receive simultaneous translation into English or Russian that is available for additional fee. 

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About the teacher:

Ingvar Villido (Ishwarananda) is an initiated teacher of Kriya Yoga, and founder and head of the Kriya Yoga centre in Lilleoru, near Estonia's capital city Tallinn. He has developed and taught the application of awareness since 1992, and as a result of this work, he has updated the ancient knowledge of Kriya Yoga to a level at which the people of our time are able to understand it and put it into practice. Over the years, more than 15 000 people from Estonia and abroad have attended his lectures and courses; there are representatives of different spheres of life among them, ranging from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.


My job is to lead and organize, and I often hear from people that I get a lot done very fast while remaining inwardly peaceful. Thanks to the targeted use of inner resources learned at the courses, my stamina and effectiveness has increased multiple times. At the same time I enjoy great relationships... Thank you, Ingvar!
Ave Oit, 38, Leader and Educator / Estonia

Suddenly, elegantly, everything fell into its proper place like blocks in the Lego game, and I received a clear insight into the logic of existence. I had been longing for this.
Tamur Tohver, 44, Polygon Theatre Director, Educator / Estonia

Payment info
Participation fee: 

Participation fee is for the course V. Registration and further information: Anne-Ly Naukas,, tel. +372 56 66 94 55.