Lilleoru study- and living environment has been built up over the years by the people who value the wisdom and activities that are shared here.

The weekly fees and various other fees are set up in order to sustain Lilleoru's activities for the good of all visitors.

New developments and projects are financed primarily with revenues from our business activities, targeted donations and grants.

If our activities match your personal values and you wish to support the development of Lilleoru, we are happy to receive your contribution. Donations targeted towards specific projects as well as general donations can be made to:
Beneficiary: MTY Lilleoru
Address: Lilleoru , Aruvalla küla, Rae vald, 75320, Harjumaa, Estonia
Account/ IBAN: EE822200221017045549
Bank: Swedbank AS, 8 Liivalaia Street,15040 Tallinn, Estonia. SWIFT/BIC code: HABAEE2X
Explanation: eg. New house donation
In case of questions, good ideas or suggestions, you can contact Ave Oit:

If you would like to donate materials or equipment, offer your knowledge or skills, or join us as a volunteer, please also get in touch with Lilleoru's forewoman Ave Oit.

As an example, our Flower of Life Park with its sacred sites from various world cultures is built largely via donated labor and resources.
At the moment we are collecting donations in order to build our new house - the School of Practical Awareness, using the former structure of the Tallinn Culture Capital 2011 main installation - Strawbale Theatre.