Ganga Dussehra Havan

Ganga Dussehra is dedicated to Goddess Ganga and this day is commemorated as the day when Ganga was descended to the Earth to accomplish her mission to purge the cursed souls of Bhagiratha's ancestors. Before coming to the Earth, the Goddess Ganga was residing in Kamandal of Lord Brahma and along with her the Goddess Ganga brought the purity of heaven to the Earth. 

According to Hindu mythology, the Ganges River in India originally flowed only in heaven.

In the form of a goddess, Ganga, the river was brought down to earth by King Bhagiratha in order to purify the ashes of his ancestors, 60,000 of whom had been burned under a curse from the great sage Kapila.

The river came down reluctantly, breaking her fall on the head of Shiva so that she wouldn't shatter the Earth.

By the time she reached the Bay of Bengal, she had touched the ashes of the 60,000 princes and fertilized the entire region.

On Ganga Dussehra, the 10th day of the waxing half of the month of Jyestha, Hindus who are able to reach the Ganges take a dip in the river to purify their sins and remedy their physical ills.

The largest crowds assemble at the Uttar Pradesh towns of Hardwar, Mukteshwar, Varanasi, and other locations on the banks of the Ganges that have legendary significance. Those who live far away from the Ganges immerse themselves in whatever river, pond, or sea they can get to on this day.

Part of the Hindu faith includes the hope of bathing in the Ganges at some point during one's life. Upon death, a Hindu's body is generally cremated and the ashes are immersed in its holy water to assure peace for the soul.

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Suggested donation for attending havan is 10€.
Coconut with flower and incense for offering - 5€. Flower and incense - 2€.

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