MTÜ Lilleoru, our nonprofit organization

The nonprofit organization MTÜ Lilleoru was formed in 2001, in order to give a clear shape to the activities of the community that had been active and growing for 10 years already. The organization operates in the public interest, with a constitutional purpose to facilitate holistic human development by providing opportunities for study and creating conditions that support personal development.

  • Our mission is to share and implement teachings that support conscious human development.
  • Our vision is to create a humanistic study- and living environment with an education center and village.

The nonprofit organization MTÜ Lilleoru manages Lilleoru’s territory and organizes the activities here. These activities are divided into departments which are coordinated by the board that is elected by the general assembly. Couple of times a year (or, more often if necessary) we hold a public discussion on topics that are most important for Lilleoru’s development. These discussions are open to the whole Lilleoru community, including the guests.

The activities and development of MTÜ Lilleoru are financed primarily by revenues from regular educational activities and courses, membership fees, donations and grants from foundations. For additional supportive activities, we founded Lilleoru Center OÜ.

Currently, MTÜ Lilleoru has around 70 members. These are people who come here to study, and who want to actively support the functioning and development of the place. One does not have to be a member in order to participate in the studies or activities, but membership does offer benefits: discounts on fees for courses, events, lodging and meals. Before becoming a full member one has to complete a year long candidacy in order to get to know the community. Application for candidacy has to be approved by the managing board.

Lilleoru community however is not limited only to the members of the nonprofit organization – it’s a wider circle of people who in addition to studying here also contribute their time and skills towards the functioning and development of this place.