Conversations with Ingvar: Attention and Focus

3. December, 19.00 to 20.30

Everyone is different with their good and bad moods, habits and desires.

Some are distracted, some impulsive. One person can achieve the goals they have set for themselves, while another keeps doubting and allows attention to be easily diverted by external stimuli. It considered so humane, but is it inevitable without room to improve?

The good news is that the skill to concentrate can be trained.

In today’s world, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder is a common diagnosis among children and the young, but also in grown-ups. Psychologists claim that 7-12% of children on average are hyperactive. In adulthood, hyperactive people also face problems with overactivity, concentration, organizing work, and self-control.

Are you supposed to just live with it, get used to it, somehow manage it, or is there a solution?

Have you ever felt that your ability to pay attention and concentrate is disturbed and that activities that require concentration and effort do not tend to succeed?

Or maybe you are struggling with being distracted and have difficulties in meeting deadlines and keeping promises?

Have you felt difficulties in focusing on one thing for a longer time, because the mind wanders and it’s almost impossible to catch it from the “tail”?

Do you constantly doubt yourself and have difficulty making decisions or sticking to a decision that you already made? Maybe you have difficulties completing your work and activities? Have you been under a lot of stress and therefore you have started to forget about some important things?

Are you familiar with a situation where, instead of your chosen activity, your focus goes on either playing a computer game, scrolling the feed of social media or networks etc, leaving the necessary things undone?

This list of issues that point to difficulties concentrating could go on and on, but let us focus on what is important.

If you experience restlessness or cannot concentrate in an undisturbed way, then this conversation with Ingvar Villido can help you to improve the situation. He will focus specifically on the issues of concentration and attention, sharing tips that can help you to reach a place of uninterrupted focus.

Ingvar Villido is the creator of the Art of Conscious Change method and course series and founder of the Lilleoru Education Hub. He has developed and taught the application of consciousness since 1992, having as a result of this work, updated the ancient knowledge of kriya yoga to a level that is understandable and practically applicable to all modern people. His lectures and courses have been attended by a total of more than 15,000 people from Estonia and abroad, including representatives of various fields, from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.

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Conversations with Ingvar series is organised by Human LLC.

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"Conversations with Ingvar" series is organised by Human LLC.