Conversations with Ingvar: Conscience – the inner witness

26. August, 19.00 to 20.30

The voice of conscience – how does it sound?

Have you had these moments when you know that you have done something against your conscience? That’s when you are left with a hunch that something is not right.

Have you tried to influence someone by touching their conscience?

Have you felt that there are things your conscience does not allow you to do? Is your conscience clean, or do you feel anguished by your conscience?

You probably know what we’re talking about. But have you ever wondered how to take a look at this conscience of yours? Who is the governor of the heart and where does the witness reside?

Conscience is often considered a mechanism to determine whether one’s actions and goals are moral. Indications can be found in holy scriptures that conscience is a decision of the mind that tells a person to do good or refrain from evil.

How have you developed this trait? Does conscience live in the heart or in the mind? How often do you listen to your conscience? Does that voice accompany you on a daily basis and you act according to it, or are you trying to pacify your conscience with various excuses?

Surely you have met people in your life who are egoistic villains, who seem to have no conscience at all. How do you know what is right and what is wrong? Does conscience help to achieve virtues or eradicate evil traits?

If you are asked to make a donation to someone according to your conscience, are you puzzled or know exactly what is the right amount according to your conscience? How to make the right choice at a difficult time?

In this conversation, Ingvar highlights this part that governs conscience and helps to see how people evaluate the moral value of current and past deeds.

Ingvar Villido is the creator of the Art of Conscious Change method and course series and founder of the Lilleoru Education Hub. He has developed and taught the application of consciousness since 1992, having as a result of this work, updated the ancient knowledge of kriya yoga to a level that is understandable and practically applicable to all modern people. His lectures and courses have been attended by a total of more than 15,000 people from Estonia and abroad, including representatives of various fields, from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.

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Conversations with Ingvar series is organised by Human LLC.

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"Conversations with Ingvar" series is organised by Human LLC.