Conversations with Ingvar “What is the Soul?”

22. October, 19.00 to 20.30

The polar-nights that start to set in with autumn and all-pervading darkness are considered supportive of contemplations on the inner world.

This time is beneficial to shed light on the soul, or to look into the mirror of the soul…

Many philosophers, clergy, and even some scientists have tried to reveal the secrets of the soul. The famous physicist Albert Einstein, for example, has considered the contemporary trend of mysticism, expressed as the proliferation of Theosophy and Spiritualism, to be a symptom of weakness and confusion. “Since our inner experiences consist of the re-creation and combinations of sensory impressions, to me, the concept of the soul without a body seems empty and meaningless,” said the scientist who delved deep into the laws of nature.

At the same time, Einstein does not deny the existence of the soul and has considered imagination to be the language of the soul. What kind of a soul did he mean?

There is a lot of talk about the soul and spirit, but so far no one has found their exact location nor been able to define these words.

Have you ever felt that something touches your soul? Has anyone’s work, a piece of music, for example, touched the strings of your soul?

Maybe you have had a vague hunch that you also possess a soul? Have you ever wondered why there are so many words to express something that is invisible and intangible?

Have you ever experienced to have pain in the soul? Maybe you have had moments when your soul cannot take it anymore and therefore you have said words that you later regret?

Have you ever felt the need to scream out loud – “Just leave my soul alone!”

Where is this soul of ours? And what is the spirit? What would an illness of the soul mean? Can an aching soul be healed?

Do the body, soul, and spirit exist together or separately?

In this conversation, Ingvar Villido opens up the deeper meaning of a soul and teaches a simple technique to find natural peace emanating from it.

Ingvar Villido is the creator of the Art of Conscious Change method and course series and founder of the Lilleoru Education Hub. He has developed and taught the application of consciousness since 1992, having as a result of this work, updated the ancient knowledge of kriya yoga to a level that is understandable and practically applicable to all modern people. His lectures and courses have been attended by a total of more than 15,000 people from Estonia and abroad, including representatives of various fields, from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.

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Conversations with Ingvar series is organised by Human LLC.

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"Conversations with Ingvar" series is organised by Human LLC.