The Art of Conscious Change I-II: Me, My Inner World – the Five Bodies. Releasing Emotions that Disturb My Life

The Art of Conscious Change course series, developed by Ingvar Villido (Human LLC), has been created for contemporary people to help them increase the efficiency of their everyday activities and find better solutions to the situations they might come across. The practical skills acquired in the courses will become a ‘toolbox’ containing tools that can be put to everyday use in one’s inner world in order to effectively ‘mend’ any situation one might encounter. And this can be done in any specific situation as it arises. By integrating the acquired skills into one’s practical life this way, they become the basis for adopting a more aware view on one’s daily life. This view contains less noise and mess and by adopting it, one gradually takes his/her life under actual control, which effectively is the natural way things should stand. The driving forces and guides of our daily lives – emotions and thought patterns – will become our tools, and we will become the ones who decide by ourselves the time and place for using them. Inspiration and intuition, which so far have only revealed themselves occasionally, will also become readily available and usable to us. From the background of everyday noise, a singular state of being – awareness – will start to emerge. Acting in this state raises the quality of life remarkably compared to what one has experienced before. In practical life, our true being, of which we so far only had theoretical ideas or rare glimpses, if we were lucky, will also start to reveal itself.
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In Part I you will get to know that:

the science of Kriya Yoga views a human being as a system of five bodies, which describes in a logical way the structure of one’s inner world, relationships, dependencies, influences and potentials, as well as possibilities for changing and developing them.

According to this system, everyone has:

  • physical body and all that it comprises;
  • vital body, which can be experienced by feeling emotions;
  • mental body, more commonly called ’the mind’ (incl. remembering, thinking, imagination);
  • intellectual body, or the level beyond thoughts (incl. intuition, inspiration and awareness, as well as the ability to distinguish and have insights);
  • spiritual body, which is our true identity (real Self).

The entire structure of The Art of Conscious Change course series is based on the system of five bodies, the understanding of which forms the basis for all subsequent parts of the course series. 

In Part I you will learn:

  • to orientate in your inner world;
  • to discover and get to know five different groups of phenomena (or ‘bodies’) related to you;
  • you will discover practically your most valuable tool and ‘secret weapon’ – awareness;
  • you will get to know the only and absolute truth: exists only one subject and an infinite number of objects;
  • you will get a practical experience of your true essence.

In Part II you will learn:

  • to understand that problems need solutions rather than further developments;
  • to divide problems into their component parts;
  • that the most ‘problematic’ part of any problem is the emotion accompanying it;
  • to become aware of your emotions (e.g. anxiety, resentment, anger, desire, insecurity, self-criticism, depression, continuous hurrying related to fast life pace, feeling offended, distrust etc.);
  • to understand that ignoring, hiding, replacing, acting out or suppressing emotions has an efficient working alternative – liberating yourself from them;
  • to release emotions related to memories and imaginations;
  • to release emotions arising in different situations in real time;
  • to release local and chronic emotions, emotions related to the neck and shoulders area, and any other emotions directly affecting the health of the physical body;
  • to release emotions that you have constantly active in the background;
  • to change your character;
  • how to stop feeling fear.

Parts I-II have two main days, to be passed together. In order to help the participants in their endeavor of putting the newly learnt skills into practice, the participants also have the chance to take part in a follow-up day. During this extra course day, one can ask specifying questions, get useful feedback and further guidance. Sometimes the instructor gives new knowledge or skills if he sees that it could help the participants. 

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Feedback from participants:

Imagine there is a miraculous medicine that cures all our ills - the ones we know, as well as the ones we're not yet even aware of. Even more - imagine that this medicine has many side-effects, all of them positive: better concentration, increased insightfulness and wisdom, better contact with the world around you. This medicine is totally natural, and after acquiring the recipe, you can produce it yourself, for free, in unlimited amounts. Would you like to have this medicine? This medicine exists. It is called an ability to be conscious. Everybody has access to it. But, how do you learn to use it consciously and steadily?
Ville Jehe, Entrepreneur / Estonia

Emotions can be powerful motivating forces, when you know how to use them. Randomly arising emotions, however, can destroy a person. It's good to know how to free yourself from unnecessary emotions.
Aigi Vahing, 42, Head of Communication / Estonia

The effect of Ingvar Villido’s courses is broad – increased awareness also extends to your body, and the possibility to take care of your health becomes remarkably better. You will notice more things and become capable of preventing diseases. This in turn makes you more calm and happy, as you will be able to shape your own well-being to a greater extent.
Reet Aus, PhD, Fashion Designer / Estonia