The Art of Conscious Change IV: Tools of a Smart Person – Awareness, Discerning, Insight, Intuition and Inspiration

Prior to Part IV, it is necessary to pass Parts I-II and Part III.

In Part IV you will learn:

  • what is concentration and what you need to use for this;
  • why concentration is important;
  • how to stay on the chosen topic – mastering information;
  • how to distinguish essential from non-essential – orientating in information;
  • how to take a ‘big’ thing into smaller parts, and identify the actual problem this way;
  • how to solve a problem by integrating it into perspective;
  • how to create a situation where an insight comes;
  • how to create a situation where intuition arises;
  • how to make difference between imagination and inspiration;
  • how to encourage the emerging of inspiration.

Part IV consists of one main day. In order to help the participants in their endeavor of putting the newly learnt skills into practice, the participants also have the chance to take part in a follow-up day with separate registration. During this extra course day, one can ask specifying questions, get useful feedback and further guidance. Sometimes the instructor gives new knowledge or skills if he sees that it could help the participants. Read more about how to participate in the follow-up days

Take a look here at the entire calendar of courses I-V and follow-up days. Take a look here at the introduction to the whole course series.

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Feedback from participants:

I learned to use inspiration as a daily tool. Life started to change in a very real way- there were less and less energy-sucking emotions and life-disturbing concepts. But alongside this purification, an even more important development took place: the moments of awareness got longer and more frequent. How to prolong these periods of awareness even more, and what to do with this new state- these are the themes of the fourth course in this series.
Ville Jehe, 44, entrepreneur / Estonia

How was it possible that Baron von Münchausen rescued himself and his horse from a swamp by just grabbing his own hair and pulling them out? Hints to the answer can be found in Ingvar Villido’s courses. Having passed The Art of Conscious Change courses, I can say with full certainty and confidence that these are effectively working and systematic teachings that are neutral to whatever beliefs and values one might have.
Andres Vesper, 41, entrepreneur, ICT consultant / Estonia

Understanding that awareness is a quality of each human being and becoming aware of my awareness changed my life. It was the very first step in entering and understanding my inner world. My life became more practical and at least fifty percent more efficient, since most of the time I do not dwell on the feelings of being hurt, being angry or misunderstood. I just become aware of it, release it and continue living. Understanding what concepts are, recognizing the ones that I have and freeing my inner world of them opens new doors of communication, collaboration and productiveness.
Daniela Gjuroska-Gogarty - Head of Finance and Administration / Germany