The Art of Conscious Change V: Success Formula of a Renewed Human Being – Information, Analysis and Action

Prior to Part V, it is necessary to pass Parts I-II, Part III and Part IV.

In Part V you will learn:

  • to orientate in the information that you already have and to analyse it;
  • to identify situations where your information is incomplete;
  • to look for missing information and integrate it into processes;
  • to quickly optimise on the go, and to reorientate with ease;
  • to be aware of all your actions, and to start, carry out, change, influence and finish them with awareness;
  • to optimise all your activities, making room, if needed, for other activities that are important for you.

Part V consists of one main day. In order to help the participants in their endeavor of putting the newly learnt skills into practice, the participants also have the chance to take part in a follow-up day with separate registration. During the extra course day, one can ask specifying questions, get useful feedback and further guidance. Sometimes the instructor gives new knowledge or skills if he sees that it could help the participants. Read more about how to participate in the follow-up days

Take a look here at the entire calendar of courses I-V and follow-up days. Take a look here at the introduction to the whole course series.

Read more about the instructor Ingvar Villido

Feedback from participants:

My job is to lead and organize, and I often hear from people that I get a lot done very fast while remaining inwardly peaceful. Thanks to the targeted use of inner resources learnt at the courses, my stamina and effectiveness has increased multiple times. At the same time I enjoy great relationships... Thank you, Ingvar!
Ave Oit, 38, Leader and Educator / Estonia

The five courses form an integral and practically applicable teaching, where each following course is organically linked to the previous one, so that the knowledge expands profoundly, and insights, intuition and inspiration come. It is as if I am standing beside the events as a witness, having the full picture and surmising the final solutions. My life has indeed become simple, like it was in my childhood, but at the same time highly interesting and worth living for. I feel tolerant towards and undisturbed by what surrounds me. Relations with other people have become friendly and open. In earlier times, I used to consider my own ideas, my own things and actions the only thing that mattered. Now, after adopting the practices learnt at the courses, I have become more open and not single-mindedly doing my own thing. Instead, I understand and perceive the synergy arising from cooperation, and the joy and delight of being part of the process. There are quite a number of activities that have become unimportant, and I no longer take part in them. As a result, I have more time available for myself, for the purpose of putting in order and cleaning my inner world. I am deeply grateful to you, Teacher, for this perfect and effective teaching!
Ain Padrik, 67, Architect / Estonia