Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Level I Initiation with Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda

Price 500€ / repeating 375€
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Initiation Level I teaches you how to concentrate, control the movement of your awareness, organize your thinking, and use intuition. You will receive the transmission, energy, and knowledge of: pranayama (breathing) techniques to activate and redirect your energies, cleanse the energy channels, and increase your life force; meditations to balance and direct the mind; yoga asanas (postures) that support and strengthen the body to receive increased energy.

By practicing these kriyas, you experience:

  • Strengthening your concentration.
  • Improving your thinking process.
  • Learning visualization techniques to change your life.
  • Developing your intuition.
  • Breathing more profoundly and effectively.
  • Directing your life energies for health and balance.

Initiation Level I happens during a two-day intensive retreat. The prerequisite is to take the Practical Consciousness Classes I & II and practice the techniques from them for a few months. For fine-tuning and support after the initiation we hold regular satsangs (meetings of teacher and students) that are also available online.

Participation fee: 500€
Participation fee for people repeating the course: 375€
Participation fee includes teachings, materials and meals during the course. Translation into English or Russian can be organized for a moderate additional fee. For accommodation options in Lilleoru, we’ll send you information by e-mail.

For more information please contact:
Anneli Hallik
phone: +37256616948