Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Level III Initiation by Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda

Price 1290€ / repeating 750€
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Babaji’s Kriya Yoga III initiation is an eight-day intensive retreat, during which we transmit and practice all 144 of its techniques, including repeating all the techniques of the first and second initiations.

“The purpose of yoga is to return to where you come from: Shiva, God, the highest. On the path to arriving there, one must go through the process of purification to become free of everything that doesn’t belong to that sphere.”

In Initiation Level III, you receive Babaji’s Kriya Yoga’s most advanced techniques, including how to enter states of samadhi. These unlock higher potentials and promote self-realization. Insightful lectures supplement the practices, resulting in a path that leads to realizing true self. Ishwarananda channels energies that help you bridge the “gap” between you and That (Source, Oneness, true self).

We recommend you receive the third initiation after practicing the Level I & II Initiation techniques for at least a year.

Participation fee: 1290€
Participation fee for people repeating the course (50% discount): 750€
Participation fee includes teachings, materials and meals during the course. Translation into English or Russian can be organized for a moderate additional fee. For accommodation options in Lilleoru, we’ll send you information by e-mail.

For more information please contact:
Anne-Ly Naukas
tel: +372 56 66 94 55