Five Tibetan Rites

Five Tibetan Rites is a simple system of exercises that enlivens the whole body and is suitable for almost everyone. What is the key to the "fountain of youth"? These exercises stimulate your whole body: circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, breathing, digestive system and muscles, and give your joints the required load.

These exercises help you renew and refresh yourself when you're stressed, tired or feel that the pace of life is too fast. 10 minutes, and you'll soon discover that you're capable of greater accomplishments and able to enjoy your day much more.

There are courses held at Lilleoru, in Tallinn and in Tartu where one can learn these five tibetan exercises, also known as "the five tibetans" or the Pearl of Rebirth, under the supervision of people who have studied various spiritual practices for years with Ingvar Villido, and who understand the importance of preserving authenticity in the process of transmitting a teaching. The teaching is based on Peter Kelder's book "The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" and on personal experiences obtained while performing these rites. For additional info, contact Anne-Ly Naukas:

You can also learn these exercises independently from Lilleoru's DVD "Five Tibetan Exercises". The DVD is available in all well-stocked bookstores in Estonia, at the shop at Lilleoru, as well as at the Loitsukelder store in Tallinn and at Biomarket eco-stores.
Take a look at these clips on the DVD:

​A note from Five Tibetan Rites instructor Anne-Ly: "If there are no obstacles that are created by the physical body ailments that prevent you from repeating the whole number of exercises, then the obstacles are either mental or emotional in nature and can be cleared away! Yogic, cleansing techniques of the inner world are of great help here and they can be acquired at The Art of Conscious Change courses I-III, for instance".