The Fund for Conscious Life

The Fund for Conscious Life has been created to contribute to the development of Lilleoru. Through the fund, you can support the work of Lilleoru Learning Center and Elulille Park.

In doing so, we give us all the opportunity to learn to live a happier life and receive support from the peace, quiet, and harmony of this special place.

The Lilleoru center was founded in 1993 by Kriya Yoga teacher Ingvar Villido and his students. In 30 years, Lilleoru has grown into an international learning center for conscious change and has the largest yoga centers in the Nordic countries.

Lilleoru also has a unique sanctum, Elulille Park based on an ancient creative pattern and a yoga center for in-depth training and retreat.

Grants and donations play a very important role in the development of the study center. Over the years, the development of the center has been supported by thousands of people. In addition to grants, we finance the operation of Lilleoru from operating income and entrepreneurship.

Your donation will help us continue to:

  • sustain and further develop the work in the Lilleoru study centre
  • maintain a unique Flower of Life Park

We sincerely thank all our friends who help us with donations and invite you to do the same.


However, if you feel that you want to help Lilleoru study centre for a longer period of time or regular basis, you can become a permanent donor. To do this, you can enter into a standing order in your home bank's Internet bank and support us with an amount that suits you: MTÜ Lilleoru bank account EE202200221053475791 (explanation "permanent donation").

By supporting the work of the Lilleoru study center, entrepreneurs can balance profit-oriented activities and redirect part of their capital back to the development of a more informed and balanced society.

If you would like more information about support options, please contact: Heidi Grenman,

The following information applies to companies registered in Estonia. Lilleoru NGO is included in the list of associations benefitting from income tax incentives. Find out about the possibilities of tax relief on the website of the Tax and Customs Board

Thanks to all the supporters!

Ave Oit, board member of NGO Lilleoru, writes about her journey to Lilleoru:

I arrived to Lilleoru back in 1993, when no center was here yet. I went to high school then. My interest in deeper meaning of life, my own nature and yoga started already earlier, but it wasn’t easy to find these learning possibilities. I was really lucky as such a young person to start studying with Ingvar Villido in the autumn of 1992. 

He invited us already next summer to help in the place called Lilleoru and pretty soon we started to create a common learning center together with him and a small group of students. 

I have been blessed to be part of the experience of creating here a very beautiful center with several buildings, sacred sites, unique Flower of Life park and permaculture garden. 

It has been very special to see how thousands of people have received answers, help and solutions from here and how Ingvar Villido’s teaching has grown into a complete learning system and reached out to the wider world. 

I am very grateful that I had a chance to participate in all of it for almost 30 years now and to learn to apply awareness and many other valuable things in cooperation with many different people. In India, it is said that acting for or supporting such a spiritual place creates good karma and I am experiencing this blessing in my life continuously.

Madis Mägi, a real estate and construction entrepreneur, writes about his journey to Lilleoru:

I have been a seeker in life, specifically a seeker of happiness. I am grateful to be blessed because I have a supportive family, a beautiful home, faithful friends, good health, free time for hobbies, and a job that I enjoy. A few years ago, I realized that I had everything that would make a middle-aged man happy, but something was still missing, I was dissatisfied and solved the problems. All I realized was that I was experiencing life too one-sidedly and needed a new perspective.

Not knowing anything about yoga, changing my inner world, Lilleoru or Ingvar Villido, I went to the Art of Conscious Change course without any prejudice. And what I got from that course was not just one new perspective, but a whole new perspective on life.

Having previously physically conquered the high peaks, I realized that in the  Art of Conscious Change course, Ingvar Villido handed me a map and a compass and promised to be my guide to help me conquer my Mount Everest - my personal human development.

For the last few years, Lilleoru has been a place for me to learn and become a better person to hopefully reach the highest level of human development, because I know that there is the happiness I have been really looking for.

I have made new friends and companions in Lilleoru who are also heading towards the top of the inner world, where there is silence, peace, balance and happiness! And since the journey may be long and difficult, we must help each other.

Lilleoru and the teachings I have received from there has helped me, and I will gladly help Lilleoru with my construction experience, knowledge and financial resources. I plan to constantly help and financially support Lilleoru learning center, so the center could develop and it will be easier for all seekers to find their way to happiness and themselves.

We sincerely thank all our friends who help us with donations and invite you to do the same.