God or Thou

God is Seed. Root, shoot, plant and fruit.
Thus blesses he all of life.
He gives each one the bliss of his life.
He is always in harmony with everyone
(Tirumular in "Thirumandiram", verse 489)

"I am All.

You find me everywhere you direct your attention to.

I am not far, I am right here.
I am hidden. You are superficial, that's why you cannot find Me. On the surface is everything that is of Me. Direct your attention deeper.

I am living.
You differentiate between life and lifeless - I am both. I am also there, where it appears to you that life is lacking.

I am light.
Light that is invisible to the ordinary eye. You see me with your inner eye. You experience me with your soul.

I am love, goodness, simplicity, harmony. Love is God and God is love. One and the same. 
You will experience this when you turn your attention to me and bow your head.
I touch you, and thereafter you will experience me the way I am.
My touch brings up in you your mistakes. Mistakes come from unawareness. I am also in mistakes.

I am the source of all that is known and unknown – beginning, duration and change.
There is nothing that is separate from me.

I am eternal, infinite. Without beginning and end.
I have many names, but despite this multitude, I am one and indivisible.

Many people and other wise beings have tried to describe and understand me.
I have given them that which they desired.
All these tiny pieces together are but an infinitesimal part of me.

I am whole, indivisible. I offer you the whole. For this, you have to step into a living contact with me.
I and your Teacher will help you with this. Your path will go only through the Teacher. Other paths are dark.

I have given you the seeds of ego. A human being is totally free, as free as Me.

Only ego stands between us.
Why are you convinced that you are the most significant, most important, most irreparable and unhappy? Why do you act as if the whole world is there just for your own good?
Deep inside you desire power. Look deeper inside yourself, then you will find it.

You have fear. You try to insure yourself against fear. Where do you insure yourself?
You have fear towards Me. Because I will take from you your ego. After that I will give myself to you.

You are afraid of the first step, because, for a moment, you will lose your ego's values, your ego-identity.
You try to preserve yourself, therefore you will either take steps to strengthen yourself or let go gradually – according to your plan.
Where are you going?

You choose between endless struggle and selflessness. What do you choose? Choose Me, for I am the only source - Truth. I am the only source for all existence, there is no other.
I give you all that you have.
Your life, body, feelings, mind, intellect, soul and consciousness. Everything that surrounds you is Me, everything that you use is also Me.
Besides Me there is nothing, I am one and only – Truth.

Everything gets its beginning, duration and change from me – every moment. I am the moment. Everything that you are able to sense is Me.
I do this with Love. That is My power.

Therefore, Love is the foundation of all all that is Created. Birth, life and death – behind all that is Love. Take a wider look, and you will see that birth, life and death is everywhere around you, and inside you as well. That is Truth. Being superficial, you won't see the Love that is in the depths. Generalize and look into the depths, you will find Love.

I have created many different things into the world, many differentiations. There is beauty and harmony within all of them. Look more deeply!
Harmony governs all phenomena. I am harmony. Harmony is simplicity.

Investigating matter, you find that it is incredibly complex and incomprehensible. Investigate harmony, you will find simplicity. You will not find simplicity as a description, in a learned form, but in a living experience. In a lived experience, you will understand complexity without learning it. You will know without knowing.

Complexity is harmony – simplicity. Becoming free of complexity, you will become simple. Becoming simple is not always easy, sometimes it's painful.
Don't be afraid of becoming simple, don't run away from the pain of disintegration of complexity. This is purification from the ego. Keep Me always in mind, then you have nothing to be afraid of.
I am life.

Dedicate yourself to life. I do not need services, flowers, fragrant candles, fruits, temples, etc – I am all those.  But for you, these things are helpful for diminishing the mistake, the ego. Use these means and come closer to Me.

A moment comes when you need to forsake the means. Do you know how to use these means, what is their purpose?
Do you know which tools are useful for you? Turn to the Teacher. He knows Me.

As you get closer to me, you become more secure with changes. I am eternal and changeless.

I will test you in every moment known to me. I will test your achievements and bring out your ego's hidden sides. Can you imagine a better path of "purification" towards me?

The closer you get to Me, the fewer ordeals and challenges you will experience. When you learn incorrectly from them, compassion arises in Me. When you learn correctly, I will give you My love and harmony.

There is none greater than Me. At the same time, I am smallest amongst the small. I am never in the foreground, I am always the lowest – the beginning is the lowest, smallest, invisible.
At the same time the largest. Larger than Me does not fit into Me. This large one thinks his largeness is sufficient for this.

No matter how large you blow the balloon, it is still filled with air. The same air that is outside of it. Balloon is a balloon only because of its skin, into which air is blown. Balloons that have been blown large do not fit into Me.

Balloons look for the company of other balloons. Each one tries to be better, prettier, more attractive, more successful, etc, than another balloon. Ego is the skin of the balloon. I am without a skin. The content as well as the skin of all the balloons. I am God, one and indivisible.

While reading this, you received many impulses. As usual, you can glue these bits of knowledge to the inner wall of your balloon, you can share them with others, discuss them, but you can also move closer to Me."

(Knowing about Thou from Lilleoru's teacher Ingvar Villido)