Herb Garden

Our herb garden is located in the heart of Lilleoru, in the Flower of Life Park that is based on the ancient pattern of creation. Powerful herbs - the ingredients of our unique hand-blended herbal teas - grow on the petals of the Flower of Life and on the stepped terraces of the park.

Lilleoru herb garden follows the principles of organic agriculture and permaculture. Organically grown food is clean and nutritionally complete, preserving the health of humans and our environment. The spices and plants necessary for our tea blends that don't grow in Estonia are sourced from organic growers as well.

All Lilleoru tea blends are made from carefully selected plants. The seeds and plants are planted according to natures rhythms, on the most powerful days, and harvested during the time when the active ingredients are in perfect balance.  After that, the herbs are dried, taking special care to preserve all their healing properties and beautiful appearance. The tea blends are weighed with 10mg precision and packed by hand.

Medicinal herbs and herbal blends are well-known means for maintaining and renewing your health, their use in folk medicine dates back to ancient times. Every living thing is filled with spirit, including the plants. Lilleoru's master herbalists have learned to consciously use and preserve the power of plants. Working with the land and plants is an (important) part of activities at Lilleoru. It is a valuable tool for stress reduction and inner development, providing a gradually deepening experience for the practitioner.

Lilleoru's most popular herbal tea blends are: Clear Head and Happy Heart, Blue Cleansing Tea, Well-Being Tea, Pleasantly Invigorating Tea, Issa Tea and Anti-Stress Tea.

You can buy our teas locally at Lilleoru. For questions, or to let us know about your upcoming visit, please contact: Küllike Gergents, mobile +3725 11 40 84, kyllike.gergents@gmail.com