Ingvar Villido

Ingvar Villido is a teacher of Kriya Yoga, and founder and member of the advisory board of Kriya Yoga centre in Lilleoru, near Estonia's capital city Tallinn. He has developed and taught the application of awareness since 1992, and as a result of this work, he has updated the ancient knowledge of Kriya Yoga to a level at which the people of our time are able to understand it and put it into practice. Over the years, more than 15000 people from Estonia and abroad have attended his lectures and The Art of Conscious Change courses; there are representatives of different spheres of life among them, ranging from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.

Selection of interviews and lectures of Ingvar Villido.

His path started with the study of martial arts, which awoke his interest in hidden human potential. Studies of raja and buddhi yoga at the Antonov School followed, and after his graduation he received the permission and blessing to start teaching in Estonia.

Ingvar Villido began leading raja and buddhi yoga trainings in Tallinn. These were some of the first courses dedicated to the study of the inner world of man in the newly independent Estonia.
There was great interest - hundreds of people participated. These trainings laid the foundation to the process that has culminated in the co-creation, together with hundreds of students and volunteers, of Lilleoru - a study and living center that supports conscious human development in Estonia, Harju District.

The first joint working-bee practice based on awareness was held at Lilleoru, the land where Ingvar had initially planned on building a home for himself and his family. During the joint efforts, the plan started to change and the creation of a mutual study center became the new aim. A larger School of Practical Awareness is currently being built to serve the learning needs of all who follow the path of awareness.

Ingvar stopped teaching raja and buddhi yoga in Tallinn and invited dedicated students to continue regular intensive practice and study at Lilleoru. About twenty students took him up on the offer. About half of them have stayed at Lilleoru. New students and a large number of new enthusiasts are coming regularly to study at Lilleoru from around Estonia and further. He continues to teach here, coaching people via his unique practical teaching method. 

Throughout the years, Ingvar has received initiations from: 

In May Ingvar was initiated to become a teacher of Kriya Yoga - an acharya, with the spiritual name Ishwarananda.
About thirty of Ingvar Villido’s yoga students have progressed to become teachers of Kriya Hatha Yoga, offering regular yoga classes throughout Estonia.
Ingvar is also an honored master of ceremonies. For over 10 years, he has lead regular vedic fire ceremonies and Native American sweat lodges at Lilleoru. Ingvar is also very knowledgeable with herbs and has composed the great majority of mixes for Lilleoru's powerful herbal teas.

Ingvar has been teaching the practical use of awaraness in the The Art of Conscious Change I-V workshop series in Estonia. 
Take a look at how the teachings came to be. Introduced by Ingvar at Lilleoru's open doors day on June 2013.

The series of courses grew out of the needs of Ingvar's yoga students. Lack of concentration and inadequate ability to use awareness prevented them from practicing the precise techniques of kriya yoga.
It became readily apparent that learning these skills would also be very helpful to anyone who wishes to lead a more self-directed and conscious life. 

Since this is a practical teaching that is currently not transmitted by anyone else in the world, Ingvar started offering these courses abroad as well, in 2010, where he also initiates people into Babaji's Kriya Yoga I-II levels.

In March, Ishwaranada's students published his first book The Sutras of Ishwarananda.

In December, the students published a CD-record Mantras with Ishwarananda and Lilleoru choir.

There are regular study opportunities in Estonia. Regular open lectures take place from September through May in Estonian cities and at Lilleoru. There are opportunities to participate in ancient ceremonies, karma yoga practice and Babaji's Kriya Yoga initiations.
Ingvar Villido’s teachings improve the quality of people’s lives through theoretical and practical education. The student body has multiplied tenfold over the past 20 years and he has begun to teach people in Austria, Germany, Macedonia, Russia as well. 

On Jan 1st, the students of Ishwarananda – the members of Lilleoru community – presented the teacher with a board "The School of Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda" as recognition for the long-lasting teaching.

In August, Ishwarananda received permission from Marshall Govindan Satchidananda to initiate people into 3rd Level techniques of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.