Interviews and Introductory Lectures

Find here a selection of Ingvar Villido's introductory lectures into The Art of Conscious Change courses. Free content.

In the Media:

Top training firms in 2016 – Human LLC 
According to educator Ingvar Villido, the winner of top training firms, the year 2016 showed that people are more and more aware of what they really need.
Daily Business Newspaper Äripäev, September 29, 2017

Human 2.0 The Art of Conscious Change coverage on Estonian National Television
March 2nd, 2016, "Eyewitness" about a new home-grown school of thought that is surprising, positive and spreading ever faster.
Estonian Public Broadcasting, archive

Who are you really?
Anne & Stiil, May 2015, by Getter Orusalu
There is more and more talk about awareness, being present and happiness. But what do those words actually mean and how to bring them into our everyday life? Who can tell what happiness is?

Luxembourg’s ARA City Radio – The Art of Conscious Change
Listen here how the organizers of The Art of Conscious Change in Luxembourg talk about the benefits of the courses, February 2016

Human 2.0 – the Conscious Person
About The Art of Conscious Change: "Ingvar Villido, one of Estonia's most interesting educators has taught thousands of people to know their inner world and to change it."
Weekly newspaper "Eesti Ekspress" Feb 18, 2015

Ingvar Villido: When living as your own self, you are already happy - and can thus become free of the endless circle of trying to achieve happiness
Interview by Ingrid Peek. Published in Broadcasted by Raadio 2 on 01.02.2016.
Ingvar Villido, teacher of the Art of Conscious Change, talks about happiness, but also on other topics, like why we are comparing ourselves with other people all the time and how to become free of this tendency, as well as about egoism, the ’para me’, inferiority complex and healthy self-esteem.

How to Achieve the Maximum Possible, while Making a Minimum Effort
Business journal Director, June 2015, by Inga Raitar
Ingvar Villido, teacher of practical awareness, helps to shed some light to the causes of burnout and stress from a slightly different angle, and to find possibilities for avoiding those conditions.

Awareness as a means for pleasurable relationship and sex
Women's magazine Pere ja Kodu, October 2015, by Inga Raitar
A young woman tells her story: how awareness helped her overcome a range of personal problems, including sleeping disorders and relationship problems.