Ishwarananda Ashram

Lilleoru has received the status on an ashram (a spiritual retreat center, a place of peace) from two Indian yogic lines. Therefore, Lilleoru is a beneficial study environment for those who are dedicated to the path of spiritual development. To further serve this purpose, we plan to set aside part of our territory as a more peaceful and quiet area in the future.

At the moment, the retreat center is located under the same roof as the space for holding our courses: in the "Big House". This is the first building we built here. The ground floor contains the kitchen, bathroom, sauna and toilet. The altar and practice room are located on the second floor.
Next to the "Big House" is the "Small House", which contains the cellar, storage room and a room for working with herbs on the ground floor, and a basic office space on the second floor. Here one can also rest and practice.

At Lilleoru, we follow Indian holy man Haidakhan Babaji's universal humanistic teachings about truth, simplicity and love.  Since the summer of 2002, Lilleoru is a Babaji ashram, with a spiritual name of Haidakhan Shiva Dham (Home of the Absolute), belonging to the international family of Babaji ashrams. Because of this, we hold daily Ceremonies of Light, arati, or bhakti yoga, do communal work and activities - karma yoga, and conduct Fire Ceremonies, havans, according to the lunar calendar.

In 2004, the ancient yogic line of Babaji's Kriya Yoga reached Lilleoru as well. This is a path of conscious transformation, with the goal of realizing one's true nature and learning to consciously direct one's life. By now, Lilleoru has become an internationally renown Babaji's Kriya Yoga center, and consequently, we have set aside time in our daily schedule for personal yogic practice.

In 2007, Ingvar Villido, Lilleoru center's founder and teacher was initiated as an acharya - teacher of Babaji's Kriya Yoga, receiving the spiritual name Ishwarananda. He is a member of the International Order of Babaji's Kriya Yoga Acharyas.

Our retreat center's daily schedule unites within it the practices from two yogic lines. You can see our daily schedule here.