Kriya Hatha Yoga

Kriya Hatha Yoga forms an inseparable part of the integral system of Kriya Yoga, which is also the basic teaching of the School of Practical Awareness.

Those exercises support the well-being of the physical body and can be recommended for anyone who wants to improve one's health.

Kriya Hatha Yoga is also an efficient addition to the releasing techniques of The Art of Conscious Change, as well as to the techniques of Babaji's Kriya Yoga or any other practices designed to bring along changes within oneself.

There are currently 37 Kriya Hatha Yoga teachers in Estonia who have studied in Lilleoru and have Ingvar Villido as their teacher. They have been initiated into the techniques of Babaji's Kriya Yoga and have received the necessary qualifications for teaching Kriya Hatha Yoga either from the Kriya Hatha Yoga Teacher Training programme (Jan Durga Ahlund, Babaji Kriya Yoga main centre in Canada) or from Kriya Hatha Yoga in-depth studies and instructors training course (Anne-Ly Naukas, Kriya Yoga centre in Lilleoru).

Here you can find out more about Kriya Hatha Yoga classes and instructors in Estonia.

In January 2016, Annapurna Yoga Studio, a new and cosy Kriya Yoga studio with ecological design was opened in the Old Town of Tallinn. All yoga teachers giving classes in this studio have started as students of Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda and are members of MTÜ Lilleoru. You can read more about Annapurna Yoga Studio and its activities here.

Here you can read more about Kriya Hatha Yoga.

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