Kriya Hatha Yoga instructors

There are currently 37 Kriya Hatha Yoga instructors and certified teachers giving regular yoga classes from September to May in different locations all over Estonia.

The first initiation to Babaji’s Kriya Yoga took place in Lilleoru in 2004 and already in the following year we invited Jan Durga Ahlund from the main centre of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in Canada who has long experience in practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga to give Kriya Hatha Yoga teachers’ training in Estonia. Since 2008, MTÜ Lilleoru has been organising Kriya Hatha Yoga in-depth and teachers’ training courses. Over the years, more than 50 Babaji’s Kriya Yoga practitioners have passed those courses in order to deepen their personal practice of Hatha Yoga and learn to impart this excellent knowledge also to others.

You can find here the schedule of Kriya Hatha Yoga classes all over Estonia. Currently, all classes take place in Estonian language (and therefore the schedule is also only in Estonian). For more information, please contact Ave Oit.