Ingvar Villido Teaches Finding the Way to Your Self

Weekly newspaper "Eesti Ekspress", by Maris Sander, March 8th, 2007

Q: You study and practice many different trainings and beliefs in this center. Could you please talk about them broadly.

A: I have always said that there are no actual beliefs here. We have a center of practical knowledge. If someone here believes then only until he or she has received personal comprehension. When comprehending, beliefs disappear and knowledge arrives.

Every religion practically melts, turning into experience-knowledge.

Our practices belong to no certain tradition. They are practical knowledge that everyone can learn and use. They help people to understand more about themselves and their potentialities.

There is no mysticism here. People actually know very little about themselves and their potentialities.

Here we don’t learn to believe but to consciously use our potentialities.

Q: I understand that your center provides many possibilities of reaching oneself because people are so different that everyone has their own way of reaching themselves.

A: In reality most people do not know their true identity.

We use knowledge which makes it possible to reach one’s true Self practically.

People often consider their identity to be different thoughts, emotions, attitudes, their name etc. Identity is eagerly held on to – it leads life until death. But looking deeper, people discover that it is not really themselves.

A yoga statement says that someone is lucky when they have found themselves and only then reach firm stability in life. If someone reaches experiencing themselves, they reach immortality. The Bible has also mentioned that.

A branch of yoga that has kept true to traditions teaches humans to consciously manage their lives.

The sort of yoga we are using, Babaji's Kriya Yoga, values consciousness. Consciousness is not about thinking about it, feeling or experiencing it emotionally, it is about comprehension that I know what it is that I come across.

Most people, for example, do not even know that they are experiencing different emotions (there are over 300) that are conducting their lives. For them, it is hard to lead their emotions without knowing good methods. Emotions are the factors of stress and other troubles.

Kriya means using comprehension (consciousness) on a background of emotions and thoughts. Thought and emotions turn secondary.

This way, it is possible to consciously manage your life.

Is it usually so that a person has to go through a crisis before they understand that they don’t know themselves and are not that “self” or is it possible some other way as well?

Q: It is possible in every way but, most of the time, when a person is in trouble, they get a need to search for solutions. Then a person is open and it is possible to give them knowledge that help them.

The people who seem happy with their lives are at that period of life enjoying the results of their actions emotionally. They don’t have needs similar to those who are in trouble. This does not of course mean that absolute independence has been reached because crises occur to these people as well.

A: I have discovered that the main causes of people’s troubles are incorrectly used emotions. Our experience shows that if accumulated emotions are freed, the physique will heal on itself. Also every kind of thoughts that trouble very many people – that part has to be managed skillfully as well.

A person does not feel their emotions much, regardless that they are the force that carries out actions. Yoga, for example, says that emotions are energies that can be directed and it helps a lot with self regulation.

About comprehension – clear comprehension or awareness is Kriya in Sanskrit. Kriya yoga deals with the teaching of awareness and comprehension – what are the processes that influence me and how can I use and direct them.

For example, many look back on events of the past and consider it normal. What they don’t understand is that they bring the events of the past back to the present, where they don’t actually belong.

Reaching oneself means comprehending one’s true Self. Not even finding oneself because you already exist – what is there to look for. It is realized as the force that carries emotions, ideas and thoughts but not oneself – you are already perfect.

One could say that Kriya brings a person firm to the ground, back to reality. There is a shortage of that.

Q: You have spoken about using senses. People often misuse their senses and don’t understand what they are feeling. What does your teaching say about that?

A: In Estonian the word “sense” actually means essence or Self. It is an unalterable subject, it is happiness without reason. All the Oriental doctrines and Christianity indicate that people should experience themselves.

The sense organs are not only physical but they “operate” on a much more subtle level. For example, if bodily sensations are perceived with closed eyes then that sensation is actually also looked at. Physical eyes have no function here.

The sense organs are means of contacting not only with the physical world but also everything else available. They are literally easy means which can be used in a very wide spectrum of sensations.