Economy of happiness: community-based economic models that have successfully pursued happiness. Lecture by Gunter Pauli, 1st July in Lilleoru

1. July, 19.00 to 21.00

Gunter Pauli will share the underlying principles and inspiring examples from his new book “The Economy of Happiness”. Gunter Pauli is an entrepreneur and visionary, pioneering innovations and creating new regenerative business models. He accompanied over 200 projects over the past quarter of a century, translating ideas with solid science into a vision implemented through entrepreneurship.  

It will not be a theoretical lecture, but the economy of happiness will be opened through extraordinary community-based examples that have successfully pursued happiness and health and inspired Gunter Pauli over the past fourty years: Las Gaviotas in Columbia, Songhai Center in Porto Novo Benin, El Hierro island in Spain, Rumpan ecovillage in Sweden, The Montfort Boys Town vocational school in Fiji and Kamakura town in Japan.

Gunter Pauli dedicates half of his time to inspire children with fables that empowers them to create a new world their parents could never have imagined. He has written 365 fables for children and developed a study method, which combines together storytelling, scientific knowledge and learning through experience. Please back the crowdfunding initiative to print the first 12 books in Estonian: Open the world through stories!

Date and time: 1st July at 7-9 p.m. (Estonian Time Zone: EET, Eastern European Time)

Participation fee: 20€  
You can attend online or at Lilleoru. 

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Date and place
Venue: Lilleoru, Teadlikkuse Rakendamise Kool, Taevasmaa tee 2, Aruvalla küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa
Ave Oit
+372 56 499 199