Local Customs at Lilleoru

Lilleoru center is open for visitors seven days a week. If you're planning to come, please announce your visit to Ave, by calling her at +372 56 499 199.

If someone doesn't have time at the moment to show you around, feel free to take a stroll through the herb garden and the Flower of Life Park by yourself. Lilleoru's local hostess is Iivi.

After the walk you can refresh yourself in our kitchen by drinking water from the Flower of Life carafe, enjoy a cup of coffee or try one of our own homegrown powerful herbal teas. Refreshment beverages and the walking tour are free. If you would like to make a donation, please place it into the box in the kitchen.

On weekends there is more activity here with the presence of Lilleoru's founder's Ingvar Villido's students from Tallinn and from around Estonia who come here to learn, practice in various activities and take care of this place here.

There are occasional open lectures led by Ingvar Villido and other communal and educational events taking place over the weekends. During the daytime, we perform karma yoga - communal work and activities inside and in the garden, field and forest.

Getting here.
Local fees.

At Lilleoru, we eat vegetarian food that is prepared with love, using local and organic produce as much as possible. We do not consume any alcohol or drugs here. 

Overnight accommodations are simple: sleeping on the floor on yoga mats using your own sleeping bag or blankets that we've got here, and a local meditation pillow under your head. In summer it's also possible to sleep in a tent, or, for an additional fee, in a 4-person summer cabin in bunk-beds. In general, people stay overnight here during courses and other events. Take a look at our calendar of events.

If you would like to came for a longer stay, please get in touch with Lilleoru's forewoman Ave: ave.aradhana@gmail.com

The people who live and study at Lilleoru center are dedicated to the path of spiritual development. Lilleoru has received the status of an ashram - a spiritual retreat center, a place of peace, from two Indian yogic lines. Because of this, everyday life is conducted according to a specific daily schedule.