Native American spiritual path. Canku Luta – The Red Road. Master class with Rupert Encinasega, 19 September in Lilleoru

19. September, 19.00 to 21.00

The term 'red road' or 'canku luta' comes from the Lakota people and refers to the daily spiritual life. What does this mean to Rupert Encinas, Ba’ag Da, or Eagle Flying, who has served his people as a ceremony master for over 40 years, and what it means to people close to him?

Rupert’s spiritual name is Ba'ag Da, Eagle Flying, and he represents the spiritual lineage of his people, which goes back all the way to stories of creation. His tribe's native name is O'Odham, meaning Human, and he comes from the San Xavier Reserve near S-cuc Son (nowadays Tucson).

In 1975, Rupert met with the Tatanka Ohitika, or Brave Buffalo, a Lakota spiritual leader. He also instructed Rupert through his first sweat lodge ceremony and his first Sun Dance. Since then, Rupert has deliberately participated in the Sweat Lodge ceremonies, Pow-wow meetings, Sun Dances, Native American Church ceremonies etc. He has been following this sacred path faithfully to this day and has also revived many old ceremonies.

We will start the evening with a rare video recording where Tatanka Ohitika, Rupert’s mentor is talking about Native American spirituality.

This evening, you can learn about the underlying principles and ceremonies of Native American spiritual teachings. Among them:

✦ The Red Road

✦ Seven universal values

✦ Seven sacred directions

✦ Great Spirit and Creator

✦ Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, everyone is related

✦ Prayer or Talking to the Creator

✦ What was the very first ceremony?

✦ Meaning of pipe, tobacco and eagle feather

✦ Why is the Sun Dance ceremony so sacred?

✦ What is the Native American Church?

Ave Oit, who has been a student of Ingvar Villido since 1992 and has organized Native American Wisdom gatherings and ceremonies since 1999, will explain the relationship between the Native American teachings and the Yogic teachings practiced in Lilleoru. Ave's husband, Arno, is one of the first Estonians, if not the very first, who has attended the Sun Dance Ceremony lasting four days and nights. This ancient ceremony of the Lakota people is considered to be very sacred among Native Americans. What did that mean to him? 

Questions are kindly welcome, and certainly there will be not just conversations, but some practical things as well - as the Great Spirit will guide us at this moment.

Date and place
Venue: School house, Lilleoru, Taevasmaa tee 2, Aruvalla küla, Rae vald
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