Native American Wisdom Day, with Ba'ag Da (Eagle Flying), or Rupert Encinas, on 25 August in Lilleoru

25. August, 10.30 to 17.30

How did the Creator create the world and all the beings? How to connect with the Great Spirit? What Happens during the four-day Sun Dance ceremony? What is the Native American Church? Why the Sweat Lodge ceremony always comes first?

In the Native American Wisdom Day talking circle, Ba'ag Da (Eagle Flying), or Rupert Encinas, introduces the simple but extraordinarily profound knowledge and ceremonies of the Native American people and conducts a sweat lodge ceremony.

The sweat lodge ceremony of Native Americans goes back to the darkness of times. It is a simple, profound and natural way of purifying internally and externally. Native Americans also say that a sauna and a church are connected here. –– The ceremony takes place in a small domed tent, people sit in a circle around the heated stones. In a narrow, dark, hot and humid tent, the person is once again as if in the womb. It is a deep cleansing and rebirth ceremony supported by prayers and songs.

The ceremony master, Rupert Encinas, spiritually named Ba'ag Da, or Flying Eagle, represents the lineage of his people, which goes back a long way to creation. His tribe's native name is O'Odham - Human - and he comes from the San Xavier reserve near S-cuc Son (nowadays Tucson). In 1975, Ba'ag Da met the Lakota healer Tatanka Ohitika, or Brave Bison, who instructed Rupert at his first sweat lodge and first Sun Dance ceremonies. This was the beginning of active, conscious participation in sweat lodge ceremonies, pow-wow meetings, Sun Dances, Indian church, and other ceremonies of his people. He continues this sacred journey to this day. In addition to helping his people at home by conducting various ceremonies, he has for many years worked as a counselor, therapist and teacher at the Reserve Social Center.

❍ The day begins with a 10:30 am with setting up the Tipi in the Flower of Life Park and heating the stones for the Sweat Lodge. If you want to join in the morning, you can help and experience how the ceremony actually begins already during the preparations.
❍ Lunch is at 12.30.
❍ Talking circle in the Tipi starts at 13.30. There we get to know the Indian ceremonies and each other.
❍ The Sweat Lodge ceremony begins at 15 in the Flower of Life Park or next to Amrita Pond.

Date and place
Venue: Lilleoru, Aruvalla village, Rae parish
Payment info
Participation fee: 

Suggested donation for lunch, talking circle and attending the ceremony is € 30. Among the Native American people, it is a tradition to make a worthy donation to the masters of ceremony. In addition, you can bring something meaningful as a gift, e.g. pipe tobacco.

Registration and additional info

Contact: Ave Oit,