Ingvar Villido's Open Lectures - Calendar

The open lectures' themes are requested by the attendants and involve topics of being human, of being on a spiritual path and concerns related to everyday problems and issues. 
The open lectures are open to both newcomers and long-time practitioners. Please let the organizer know beforehand if you need translation into English.

Please find here free intro lectures into Ingvar Villido's core teaching The Art of Conscious Change.

Selection of interviews with Ingvar Villido.

04. March Thursday, 19:00

Have you noticed that you have thoughts? Also, do you notice that thoughts have power? What is the force that makes you think and act upon your thoughts?

10. March Wednesday, 19:00

Ethics allows you to feel good in your life and at the same time establish good relations with the rest of the world. It is not a philosophical issue but rather a practical compass that points in the right direction providing the basis for distinguishing between right and wrong.