Regular Practicums, Karma Yoga, Study Retreats

On weekends at Lilleoru, Ingvar Villido gives practicum-lectures to those who regularly practice and study here.
All new students and visitors are welcome to participate as well.
Look for practicum-lectures in our calendar.

At the practicums, one can ask about the techniques learned at The Art of Conscious Change I-V courses, as well as about all other topics that are important in one’s life and path of development. 
For foreign visitors, simultaneous translation to English is provided by one of the students each evening. 

Karma yoga practice
Practical learning through collaborative action and activities is an integral part of regular study at Lilleoru. This means participation in the local activities at Lilleoru at least 1 full day a month; a total of at least 12 full days in a year. 

Joint “yoga of action” - karma yoga days are meant for those who regularly participate in practicums. We do a variety of jobs and tasks in the house, garden, field, forest and on our building projects. This collaborative activity is based on the principles of karma yoga – we act in accordance with common interests, selflessly, while giving our best.

Continuing Education Study Retreats, 4x a year
Over the period of twenty years, a large group of regular students both from Estonia and from abroad has formed from amongst all those who have studied with Ingvar Villido. Throughout these years, there has also been a constant flow of new students with their own unique needs, interests and problems. In order to meet this need for ongoing study and development, Ingvar Villido offers a variety of continuing education retreats:

Lilleoru’s winter retreat, summer retreat for students of Babaji’s kriya yoga as well as spring and autumn retreats together with the 9 day festival of Navaratri dedicated to the Divine Mother. 

You will find this year’s retreats in our calendar. If you require on the spot translation, please inform the organizers.