School of Practical Awareness

How to live without having to waste your life on getting over failures or negative emotions? How to change your attitudes and habits? How to get rid of disturbing thoughts?

There are many who say that this is impossible, since one cannot change one’s own character. Thousands of people who have attended The Art of Conscious Change courses of Ingvar Villido would not agree. They can confirm, based on their own experience, that this is indeed possible.

The Art of Conscious Change gives one the knowledge and skills for reshaping one’s attitudes and habits, in order to act efficiently and find better solutions for any situations arising in one’s life.

Our big dream is to finish the construction of the School of Practical Awareness in Lilleoru, in order to bring this useful knowledge to even more people who need it.

We wish to open the School of Practical Awareness in 2018, as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic. Iin the same summer, Lilleoru is going to host the Global Ecovillage Network’s (GEN) international conference "The Wisdom of Conscious Communities".

The School, which is being built with the help of volunteers, is the largest building made of reed-bales in Estonia, and the first public building of that kind in the world. The load-bearing structures of the schoolhouse are made of reused glued laminated timber beams which formerly belonged to Straw Theatre (Põhuteater). In 2011, we raised almost 50,000 euros in three weeks to save the structural frame of the Straw Theatre from ending up in a junk yard, and brought the demounted beams to Lilleoru. Have a look here to see how you can give a hand and support the School's construction as well!

Lilleoru centre is located in Aruvalla village, Rae parish, Harjumaa county, Estonia. Everything in Lilleoru has been created by people who come to study here. The activities taking place here are organized by non-profit organization MTÜ Lilleoru which has close to 100 members today. It all started 20 years ago upon the initiative of Ingvar Villido, supported by a handful of people who  built the first house and started creating the Flower of Life Park here.

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