We are constructing the School of Practical Awareness in Lilleoru. See how you can support!

We are building the School of Practical Awareness with volunteers, using recycled materials as much as possible. Funding for the construction comes from donations and from the non-profit organization MTÜ Lilleoru. Have a look here what is going to be in the school building.

Since 2011, more than 400 individuals and companies have contributed to the construction of the School of Practical Awareness, and volunteers have contributed in total more than 20,000 work hours. In addition, in 2011-2015 the non-profit organization MTÜ Lilleoru from its own part has invested close to 70,000 euros in the construction. With the help of the crowdfunding platform Hooandja, we raised 21,463 euros in donations for buying windows for the school in December 2015. Thank you! Click here to watch a video of the 1st anniversary of construction.

We are asking for your help as well! No contribution is too small. How to contribute:

  • Participate in the construction. Here you can find information on how to come.
  • Support us with building materials (recycled as well!) – please contact Toivo Aalja.
  • Offer monetary support, with bank transfer to beneficiary: MTY Lilleoru. Address: Lilleoru, Aruvalla küla, Rae vald, 75320, Harjumaa, Estonia.
    Account/IBAN: EE202200221053475791. Bank: Swedbank AS, 8 Liivalaia Street,15040 Tallinn, Estonia. SWIFT/BIC code: HABAEE2X. Explanation: "school donation".
    - Donate 50€ and you’ll get a brick in the wall of the School’s supporters! Via bank transfer with the details shown above, but indicate "brick donation" in the explanation field..
    With standing order, e.g. 5 / 15 / 25 EUR per month.

Since January 1 2014, MTÜ Lilleoru has been on the list of nonprofit organizations, targeted foundations and religious organizations that qualify for tax benefits. Therefore, businesses can contribute donations and gifts to us tax free. Individuals can deduct the donated sum from their taxable income. Further details can be found on the Estonian Tax and Customs Board homepage.

The goal we have set for 2015 is to seal up the structure of the main section of the School's building. This means pouring the floors, finishing the roof and building the reed-bale walls and, if possible, put in the windows and doors. In addition, we need to insulate the fibo-block walls.

We are most grateful for the help of:
- the teacher of awareness, Ingvar Villido,
- the volunteers, the supporters, architects & project designers Sven Koppel, Ain Padrik, Kerti Rand, Vahur Teder and Tea Tammelaan, construction supervisor Jürgen Kallo and managers of the construction work Toivo Aalja and Tarmo Allikmäe/ Mäger Ehitus OÜ / Mäger Ehitus OÜ. They all have worked on voluntary basis. In various specific areas of work, we have involved and will involve other experts in their own field as well.

We are most thankful to our supporters:
Rae CountyWeckmanTechnobalt GroupKase StiilKolm Lõvi Printing Center.