We are building the School of Practical Awareness in Lilleoru – come and join us as a volunteer! Construction activities take place every Saturday and Sunday

15. December, 09.00 to 16. December, 17.30

We are building the School with volunteers, mostly on weekends, using recycled materials and reusable items as much as possible. Funding for the construction comes from donations and from the operating income of the non-profit organization MTÜ Lilleoru. WIth the help of crowd-funding campaigns in Hooandja, we raised funds for buying windows for the school building and for buying an outdoors hall for the international conference "The Wisdom of Conscious Communities" which Lilleoru is hosting in 2018. Thank you! Read more about it here.

Come and breathe some fresh air in a pleasant environment, while enjoying a good company! We are offering delicious vegetarian food and there is hot sauna in the evening. Participants have always appreciated the whole experience. Spending time in Lilleoru is like a holiday in itself and offers a refreshing change compared to our busy everyday lifestyle. Please check weather forecast before coming, in order to be sure you have brought appropriate clothes.

"I keep coming here to help because, first of all, I really like construction work – it is my hobby. But also because the environment here is very open and the people are just great."
- Indrek, 42, captain and senior steersman.

If you are participating as a volunteer for the whole day, lunch, supper and sauna are free for you. Also, if you need to stay overnight, accommodation and breakfast are for no charge as well. Before coming, please register either via e-mail or phone: Toivo Aalja, +372 50 42 418, toivo.aalja@lilleoru.ee​. You can also come for just half a day or even for a couple of hours. You are also welcome to just come and visit us to have a look at what is taking place in Lilleoru and on the construction site.

The work starts every Saturday and Sunday at 9.15 sharp. Please be present at the construction site a bit earlier.

  • At 12.30 we are having lunch. We offer delicious vegetarian food.
  • At 13.30 work continues. Sauna and supper are waiting for you at the end of the day at 17:30.

You can find directions for coming to Lilleoru from here.

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Date and place
Venue: Lilleoru, Aruvalla village, Rae parish
Toivo Aalja
+372 50 42 418