Vedic Chant seminar taught by Radha Sundararajan 06-09 September 2018

Beloved Vedic Chant and Yoga teacher Radha Sundararajan is conducting a Vedic Chanting seminar in Lilleoru from 06th until 09th of September 2018.

On this seminar we will continue to study Taittirīya Upanishat. This year we will study chapter called tŗtīyā-bhŗguvallī.
An introductory short seminar is held in 06th September for beginners. The main rules for chanting and characteristics of the Sanskrit alphabet are covered.

The seminar is open to all, and will be beneficial to anyone with an interest in sound, healing yoga, mantra or mediation. Previous experience with chanting is not required.

Introduction for beginners, 06th of September.

18:00–18:50 session 1
19:00–19:50 session 2

Repetition Day, 07 September
This day is for those who want to reacquaint themselves with main mantras and for new beginners who had participated in the introductory workshop last evening.

Mantras to be chanted:
– Laghunyāsaḥ
– Mantrapușpam
– Gaņapati-prārthanā
– Sarasvatī- prārthanā
– Āyurmantraḥ
– Sūryanamskāra – mantraḥ
– Ārogya-mantraḥ
– Śivapañcākșarī-mantraḥ
– Candranamaskŗtya – mantraḥ
– Gāyatrī-mantraḥ
– Mŗtyuñjaya-mahāmantraḥ

Main seminar, 08th and 09th of September
This year we will continue our studies on Taittirīya Upanišat with the section of the tŗtīyā-bhŗguvallī. This is in the form of a dialogue between Varuņa, the father and Bhŗgu, his son. The son asks questions pertaining to creation and causation. The father, in the course of a dialogue, leads his son to discover wisdom through meditation and reflection.

Schedule of 07-09 September:
8:30 breakfast
9:30 – 10:20 session 1
10:30 – 11:20 session 2
11:30 – 12:20 session 3
12:30 lunch
14:30 – 15:20 session 4
15:30 – 16:20 session 5
16:20 – 17:30 session 6
17:30 dinner

Date and place
Time of event: 
6. September, 2018, 18:00 to 9. September, 2018, 17:30
Venue: Lilleoru, Aruvalla village, Rae parish
Payment info

The overall cost of the seminar includes the training, vegetarian food and basic accommodation.

Introductory course on the 6th of September: 40€ before 1 July, later 50€.
The registration is confirmed by payment of non-refundable deposit 10€.

Second repetition day on the 7th of September: 90€ before 1 July, later 100€.
The registration is confirmed by payment of non-refundable deposit 30€.
(The deposit will be refunded only, if the course will be cancelled.)

Main seminar on the 8th and 9th of September: 180€ before 1 July, later 200€.
The registration is confirmed by payment of non-refundable deposit 70€.
(The deposit will be refunded only, if the course will be cancelled.)

The deposit should be transferred to NGO Lilleoru, receiver:
MTÜ Lilleoru
Account/IBAN: EE822200221017045549
Clarification: /name and date of of the course/ – please write this yourself
Address of the receiver: Aruvalla küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa 75320, Estonia
Name of the bank: SWEDBANK
Address of the bank: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia

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