Weekend Practicum-Lectures at Lilleoru

On weekends at Lilleoru, Ingvar Villido gives practicum-lectures to those who regularly practice and study here. All new students and visitors are welcome to participate as well.

The topics for these practicum-lectures form according to the questions from participants. For foreign visitors, simultaneous translation to English is provided by one of the students each evening.

These communal evening practicum-lectures, learning through the path of knowledge – and the daily communal work and activities, learning through the path of action – karma yoga, are traditions that reach back to the very beginning of Lilleoru, when studying and the creation of the study center was all one experimental joint process.

The themes of these practicums formed according to the needs and interests of the students. Under the guidance of Ingvar Villido, we practiced several esoteric teachings, such as those of Carlos Castaneda and Buddhist teachings.

Over the years, the limits of human capacities became apparent - we discovered from what point people were and are capable of independently and consciously apply that which changes the quality of their lives. Thus, the content of the teachings changed accordingly. 

The content of the practicum-lectures still forms based on the questions and experiences of the participants. 

At the practicums, one can ask about the techniques learned at The Art of Conscious Change I-V courses, as well as about all other topics that are important in one’s life and path of development.

Practicum-lectures take place at Lilleoru every weekend, on Saturdays at 19:30 and on Sundays at 18:30. It is possible to participate on practicums via YouTube, with English live translation. If you are interested, please contact Sten: stenpakri@gmail.com. It costs 12 euros per practicum-lecture and it can be payed via bank transfer, e.g. monthly. 
The weekend practicums-lectures are wonderful ways for foreign The Art of Conscious Change students of the courses to catch up, ask about techniques, make them more precise.

When Ingvar is teaching abroad, the following activities take place during the weekend practicum-lecture time slot:

  • Topical sharing circles where students share their experiences with practical application of the techniques, and practice together both the techniques learned at The Art of Conscious Change I-V courses and at Babaji’s Kriya Yoga initiations. 
  • Kriya hatha yoga classes
  • On some weekends, we have a lecture by a guest teacher.
  • Sometimes we listen to a recording of a previous practicum-lecture or open lecture by Ingvar.
  • We watch films on relevant topics.

Look for practicum-lectures in our calendar.

Here you can find directions on how to get to Lilleoru. Find out about our daily life arrangements and schedule.

Participation in practicum-lectures is included in Lilleoru’s weekend day-fee of 12 euros which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sauna, the evening practicum-lecture and overnight accommodation if desired.  
If you stay the Sunday night at Lilleoru as well, please look at the weekday day-fee info here. 
NB! The first day-visit to Lilleoru is free.  
Weekend days are free to the members of nonprofit MTÜ Lilleoru

Practicum-lectures are for both experienced students and beginners.