Ishwarananda Ashram

An ashram is a place where one can retreat from the outside world for a period to dedicate oneself to deepening yoga practices.

The yoga taught in Lilleoru belongs to the lineage of siddhas, which is also reflected in the ashram’s Indian name – Sat Chit Agastishwarar Gurukulam. Since 2002, Lilleoru is also part of the Haidakhan Babaji ashram family.

At the ashram, the teacher is Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda, and for this reason, students refer to it as Ishwarananda Ashram.

Ishwarananda Ashram is a centre for profound yoga studies, where the practical application of the qualities of consciousness is the underlying theme.

To support personal progress, the ashram follows a strict daily schedule and discipline. The schedule considers personal yoga practices, regular ceremonies, and daily karma yoga – work done for the benefit of all.