Making conscious changes requires consistent practice. It is good to share your experiences, get support, and learn to assist others. Lilleoru has been developed and maintained by the community of people who wish to keep learning and evolving and also want to give this opportunity to others.

People whom you can see working in Lilleoru have most likely at some point in their lives attended Ingvar Villido’s Practical Consciousness courses or kriya yoga initiations. They have realized that this knowledge has truly helped them and could also help others to improve their lives significantly.

Most active students belong to the Lilleoru non-profit organization that has nearly 200 members today from Estonia and other countries. Acting for the benefit of others, or karma yoga, inherently belongs to the yogic path of self-development. All beauty and care that you encounter here is the result of voluntary cooperation of a large number of people.


Ave Oit
Lilleoru NGO
General management, courses and events, communication and cooperation 

“I arrived at Lilleoru in 1993 when there was nearly nothing here. I was still a high-school student then. I had sparked an interest in the deeper meaning of life, in real self and yoga even earlier but it was not easy to find teachers at that time.

In the autumn of 1992, I started my studies with Ingvar Villido. The following summer he invited us, his first students, to help with works on his new property. Helping out turned into setting up a common place of study and that was the beginning of Lilleoru. I have been very blessed to witness how this beautiful center, many buildings, gardens and a sanctuary have been created here with the help of very many people over time. It has been touching to see how thousands of people have found answers, help and solutions here, and how Ingvar Villido’s teaching about human nature has grown into a holistic learning system and reached out to the world.”


Kristo Reinhold
Lilleoru NGO
Board member
Management and development of the premises

“I have been a manager and a leader during my entire professional life for more than twenty years. As my career progressed, also responsibilities increased, certain management decisions became ever harder to make and that brought along different tensions and emotions. I came across the Practical Consciousness courses thanks to my wife in 2017. Thanks to the courses, kriya yoga practice and the Practical Consciousness teacher training (2020-2021) I am now able to manage my emotions and thoughts skilfully.

All this knowledge has helped and changed me in such a way that it now seems unimaginable to return to my previous way of life. Being very grateful, I decided to contribute my time, professional knowledge and skills to help develop and support Lilleoru. It is a unique place that favors everyone’s inner growth.”


Heidi Grenman
Lilleoru NGO
Board member
Fundraising and finances

“I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life and characterized by „having many irons in the fire“ type of living. I had always been more productive than others but having worked myself to pieces I eventually met my limits. I made a complete restart in 2013 when I showed up at Ingvar Villido’s Practical Consciousness courses. That day changed everything.

I made a complete audit of my life and in 6 months quit everything that wasn’t essential. It included giving up a lucrative manager’s position in a successful international company and exchanging profit-oriented entrepreneurship for a mission-based non-profit sector. I became highly effective and got a lot of free time to spare.

So I came to volunteer at Lilleoru, at first to lead the fundraising team, and then to manage entrepreneurship and finances as a board member. In addition to that, we are building a unique School of Practical Consciousness together with other Ingvar’s students to help advance humaneness in the world. The contribution of one person may not seem remarkable but when we work together, in simplicity and kindness, changes follow.”