Lilleoru (translated as Valley of the Flower) is a magically beautiful sacred site located near Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It hosts one of the largest Shiva temples in Europe and a unique Kriya Yoga study center. Lilleoru is also known for its Flower of Life sacred site, which is designed based on sacred geometry. The Shiva temple area is located on the Flower of Life pattern, with the main temple at the heart of this geometric pattern. The temple in the park, along with its sanctuaries and meticulously selected medicinal herb gardens, offers not only aesthetic pleasure but also deep spiritual significance and impact.

Historically, Lilleoru was the name of a farm previously situated here. The transformation into a learning center began in the early 1990s when Ingvar Villido started his activities with his first students. Today, 30 years later, with the support of the community and volunteers, it has evolved into the international school of Practical Consciousness, hosting regular courses and in-depth yoga training.

Lilleoru and the Shiva temple are open to all guests and visitors. Come and enjoy a walk, experience the peace and harmony, or simply explore the surroundings. Our forest trails and café with a summer terrace provide the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Participate in various courses and other events.

Hidden in a small forest is the eye-shaped Amrita Lake. Lilleoru’s vegetable, medicinal plant, and ornamental garden, cultivated according to permaculture principles, is a place where people from all over Estonia come to learn plant wisdom and nature-close gardening.

The Shiva temple in Lilleoru is a convergence point of spiritual energies, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the rich traditions of Sanatana Dharma and connect with the divine.

Additionally, the site houses statues of the Nathas, 18 Siddhas, and Rishis along with their consorts. These enlightened beings, who have achieved self-realization and spiritual liberation, inspire and support visitors on their spiritual journey. Meditating before these statues can enhance intellectual pursuit and spiritual enlightenment, fostering wisdom, insight, and divine connection.

Lilleoru is a place where everyone can find peace, connect with their inner wisdom, and take steps toward spiritual liberation. The temples dedicated to Shiva and his family, along with the statues of the Siddhas, Rishis, and Nathas, create an inspiring and unique environment for a spiritual journey, making Lilleoru a truly special place to visit and explore.