Lilleoru is a magically beautiful sacred site and a unique educational center near Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is known for its exceptional Flower of Life park laid out according to sacred geometry. The temples, power sites and carefully selected herbs in the flower beds of the park not only offer aesthetic pleasure, but also carry deep spiritual meaning and effect.

The name Lilleoru (translated as Valley of the Flower) is the historical name of the local farmstead. The story of the educational center goes back to the beginning of the 1990s when yogi Ingvar Villido first came here with his students to fix up the place. Today, 30 years later, with the contribution of hundreds and thousands of volunteers an international school of  Practical Consciousness has been established here where courses and intensive retreats regularly take place.

Lilleoru is open to all guests and visitors. You can come to participate in the courses or workshops or simply take a stroll, explore the grounds, recharge yourself and enjoy the natural peace and quiet. For a number of years people from all over Estonia have been coming to Lilleoru’s organic gardens to study about permaculture and the use of potent herbs.

The woods are hiding an eye-shaped lake Amrita with a perfectly round island in the center as its “pupil”. Our mysterious forest trails and café with a summer terrace help to create a pleasant stay.