Founder Ingvar Villido

Ingvar, who was born and raised in Estonia, became interested in the functioning of the inner world at a very young age. As an adult he received initiation and training from many masters that belong to a number of different wisdom traditions. As a result of consistent practice, he reached self-realization. From there, his mission gradually began to unfold: to make the deepest knowledge simple, clear and accessible for everyone. His students started to call that teaching Ishwarananda yoga. 

Ingvar is not just a teacher in Lilleoru. Since the beginning he has been hands-on in every aspect of Lilleoru’s life: from development of gardens to building structures. Everything that has been created here was guided by his extensive knowledge about how nature works,  with great respect towards everything alive. To this day he is actively involved  in the advising role. As a person of  practical nature and skills, he is happy to reach out wherever he is needed, taking the initiative and being an inspirational role model.

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