Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga in Lilleoru


A Journey to Deep Peace, Clarity, and Perfect Well-being


Kriya Yoga – the jewel of Sanātana Dharma.

Yoga exercises for the body, calming breathing, and meditations – most yoga styles popular today originate from ancient India with a rich culture and history. They are still widely used today to improve physical health, achieve balance in everyday life, and foster spiritual development. The Kriya Yoga practiced in Lilleoru comes from the same tradition.

The roots of Kriya Yoga extend back thousands of years when the first Kriya Yogis, known as Siddhas, achieved deep knowledge of the nature of man and the universe, realizing human potential.

In Kriya Yoga, we learn to discover our true nature – timeless, unchanging peace and well-being – to reach self-realization. The Siddhas have proven that living in constant awareness of one’s true self is possible. The journey to achieve this is detailed in the Yoga Sutras of Siddha Patanjali.


Ancient knowledge finds modern application through yoga master Ishwarananda


Today’s yoga masters, devoted to similar deep study, understand, apply, and pass on the ancient teachings. Kriya yoga teacher Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda has been sharing this valuable knowledge for several decades in Lilleoru.

Kriya Yoga in Lilleoru involves an in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Siddha Patanjali and their practical application in life, guided by Ishwarananda’s commentary.

This is complemented by regular Kriya Hatha Yoga classes with physical exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation aimed at balancing body function and energies, discovering awareness, and achieving greater inner peace and balance.

Kriya Yoga retreats in Lilleoru focus on practical techniques that help achieve deeper meditative states and accelerate spiritual development. These include pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra meditation, mudra (hand positions), Kriya Yoga techniques, silent meditation, and satsang (spiritual teachings and discussions).

Regular retreats and practices of yogic self-discipline, or tapas, help understand the depth of oneself, eliminating internal obstacles to progress on the journey.

The method of Practical Consciousness, a preparatory part of Kriya Yoga, helps eliminate restless thoughts and emotional tensions. It teaches choosing one’s experiences and focusing on consciousness, inner peace, and quiet.


Kriya Yoga is the path of practical knowledge and action


Practices emphasize the conscious and consistent application of knowledge to reach the desired goal. Through consistent practice, we deeply understand that peace and quiet do not depend on the external world but are our inner qualities.

Kriya Yoga is a means of deepening into a state of inner peace, cleansing consciousness from disturbances and activities. It also helps develop concentration, fortitude, and clarity.

When we understand our essence and learn to manage awareness through Kriya Yoga, new possibilities for experiencing existence open up.


Kriya Yoga leads to deep inner peace, clarity, and freedom


According to Siddha Patanjali, Kriya Yoga practices lead to the states of nirodha, samadhi, and kaivalya.

Nirodha is a state where thoughts and emotions are stilled, bringing peace and clarity. Samadhi is a deep connection with absolute consciousness, and kaivalya refers to both liberation from the sufferings of life and complete freedom.

In Lilleoru, there is an opportunity to learn and practice Kriya Yoga to reach these deep states of consciousness, experiencing inner peace and freedom. It brings clarity to everyday life and an experience of wholeness and well-being.