Over the course of 30 years, under the guidance of Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda and with the contribution of thousands of volunteers, Lilleoru has grown into a kriya yoga center with an international student body and a sanctuary operating on the principles and values of sanātana dharma.

Lilleoru NGO was founded on March 18, 2001. The territory covers 30 hectares, of which 18 hectares are forested areas.

Purpose and Action


The organisation unites the students of Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda, who have set themselves the goal of supporting the spread of the teachings leading to humanity in the world and taking care of the Lilleoru study center, the holy place, the Shiva temple, and the entire territory.

To realize this goal, we offer various opportunities – organizing trainings, courses, retreats, lectures, and other events.

We finance activities and development mainly from the income of educational activities and courses, membership fees, donations, and fund grants.



As a vision, we see an individual who has discovered true inner self. Such a person experiences peace, tranquility, and well-being and acts consciously from the true self. He or She is free from negative emotions and damaging thought patterns. Such a person creates a positive change in themselves, and this change is also reflected in the world around them. As students of Kriya Yoga, we are on a journey of transformation, and our common wish is that a similar change can happen to as many people as possible.



Our mission is to offer transformative self-development opportunities in Lilleoru based on the Practical Consciousness method, Kriya Yoga, and learning programs based on the knowledge of ancient Indian sages or siddhas (e.g. tapas retreats, kriya yoga retreats, etc.). For this purpose, we are developing a learning center and an open sanctuary. We take care of a Shiva temple established and functioning on the values and principles of sanātana dharma.

Lilleoru is a favorable environment for deeper self-discovery, yogic purification, and spiritual practices. Through practical knowledge and activities, a person’s natural inner qualities emerge: consciousness and true self, peace, and clarity. The possibility of happy and selfless cooperation opens up, through which you can learn to apply your consciousness consciously and practically.



Our values are benevolence, simplicity, transformation, and the ethical guidelines of sanātana dharma.

Benevolence is the expression of a sincere heart that touches everyone with warmth and without prejudice.

The simplest things are often the most difficult to understand. You have to dig deeper for a thorough understanding, then things become simple and practical. Simplicity is the use of the properties of consciousness, not primitiveness.

We accept that each of us is on our own individual development journey with our own challenges. We do not compare, rate, or judge. We support and encourage change through practical knowledge to achieve understanding and transformation.

We follow the teachings and values of sanātana dharma – the oldest spiritual tradition: ethical and responsible behavior (dharma), the principle of non-violence, which means preserving all living things (ahimsa), honesty, and telling the truth in all situations (satya), the principle of non-stealing, or its non-desire which has not befallen me (asteya).



The management of Lilleoru is contributed by a 2-member board elected by the general assembly and a team consisting of field managers. Read more about our managers here.

Joining and Cooperation


To explore and join Lilleoru, we offer guided tours, opportunities to volunteer, study programs, and a special introduction program. If you are interested, see here link or contact at

You are invited to Lilleoru to join us on the journey towards your true nature and spiritual growth.