Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “What is a human soul and spirit, and what is the purpose of incarnation?”

Siddhars – the enlightened masters – discovered that the birth of a spirit as a human being is always sacred and is important for only two reasons: first to become wise and then to get salvation.

What is the difference between a soul and a spirit and their relationship according to the teachings of Siddhars?

How is one’s soul journey guided and how it is expressed in your life?

What are the benefits of purifying one’s soul and how to do it in a right way?

All of this will be covered in the November “Path of Wisdom” lecture and when participating online you can also send your questions to Ingvar who has walked the path of  siddha-yoga for over 30 years. In his “Path of Wisdom” lecture series he shares the deeper knowledge discovered on this path with a wider audience in a practical and simple manner characteristic to him. He shows how to integrate the supposedly obscure spiritual knowledge into everyday life and how to discover one’s actual possibilities and potential. Human path is the path of practical wisdom, he says.

Lecture is in Estonian, with translations into English, German, Russian and Finnish.

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