Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: „The common spiritual path of child and parent“

In previous lectures we have talked about a child being born into this world like a clean sheet (carte blanche) and everything that s/he acquires in life is learnt from the others. However, if an adult person has embarked on a yogic, or spiritual path, how do you raise your children in the right spirit?

“Everything you are today, you have learned from the others.” Ishwarananda

In the November lecture we speak about how to involve children in your spiritual path, so that they could avoid the mistakes that you have made in life. Is that even possible? If, how and how much can parents affect their child’s fate? Is the amount of mistakes we make in life predetermined? How to embark on a spiritual path with a child so that it would also be right and natural for the child? How to support the child on his/her spiritual journey if you as a parent have not yet discovered it for yourself? How to manage societal stress and judgment in this situation?

Ingvar, who has followed the path of siddha-yoga for over 30 years, shares the deeper knowledge he discovered on this journey with the wider public in his own simple and practical way as part of the “Path of Knowledge” series. He shows how to bring seemingly distant spiritual knowledge into everyday life and discover your true abilities and potential.

Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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