Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “How does technological progress inhibit or support spiritual growth?”

Gadgets around us are becoming ever more “smarter” and their inner mechanics more and more complicated. There is an app for everything and most of them collect data about our behavior. Data is the new gold, it is said. Opinions about the possibilities and dangers of such developments differ greatly – whether it is leading us to a brighter future, or whether it is bringing about an all-encompassing control society, even the extinction of mankind in the worst case scenario.

In the February lecture we discuss technological progress from the standpoint of yoga and among others touch upon the following topics:

  • Meditation apps and biohacking gadgets – which ones are fraud and which ones actually work?
  • Whether screens and the internet are “the handwork of the Devil”?
  • How to employ technical devices as your tools while not becoming dependent on them?
  • If the creation of virtual reality becomes possible, how will we know that it has not happened before and we are not living in a so-called matrix already?
  • How to discover and retain our humanity in the situation where machines or a “cloud” know more about us than we ourselves do?
  • “You are always what you are and never what you are looking at.”

In his “Path of Wisdom” lecture series Ingvar, who has walked the path of siddha-yoga for over 30 years, shares the deeper knowledge discovered on this path with a wider audience in a practical and simple manner characteristic to him. He shows how to integrate the supposedly obscure spiritual knowledge into everyday life and how to discover one’s actual possibilities and potential. Affairs in the world will not change until humans themselves change, he says.

Lecture is in Estonian, with translations into English, German, Russian and Finnish.


Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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