Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda: “Life, death and rebirth”

How is it then actually – is a person born into this world only once and this one-time life ends with death, or is rather true the idea of multiple births which states that it is not a person but a natural cycle that is ending with death?

In the April “Path of Wisdom” lecture we unravel the circle of rebirth and explore what rebirth or reincarnation is. Why are people reborn? What is death? What is self-realization? What does it mean to become free from the wheel of reincarnation? What is moksha? When people talk about the afterlife, what are they really talking about? Do hell and heaven exist? How does it affect a person’s rebirth, how he lived his previous life and how that life ended? How can a person affect his own cycle of births? What is the role of consciousness and True Self in the cycle of births?

“To become free from karma means to become free from rebirth.” Ishwarananda

Ingvar has walked the path of Siddha Yoga for over 30 years. In the “Path of Wisdom” lecture series, he shares the deeper knowledge he has discovered on this journey in his own simple and practical way. Ingvar has a special talent for making practical connections between spiritual and everyday knowledge. “The teachings of the Siddhas are absolutely practical: do this and you will get the promised results,” he says.


Recording of the lecture will be available soon.

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